Sunday, June 16, 2013

Very Slow Progress

 This morning the hospital peeps lowered Linda Lou's Oxygen* level in her ventilator from 100% to 70% and her Oxygen levels in her blood stayed fine. So they then turned the sedative drip off to see how she would breathe on her own. That's when Stephanie and I went home for lunch.

 We got back and the hospital staff had turned the sedative drip back on, seems that Linda Lou was struggling a little too much to breathe for them to be totally comfortable. Still they then cut the Oxygen level to 60% and her O2 blood level stayed good. So, I'm taking this as some more slow progress. Still I'd take it kindly if the prayer posse keeps at a steady canter.

  * I can't remember, is Oxygen a common noun or a proper noun where the "O" should be capitalised? Lordy it's been a long time since high school English classes.


AWTM said...

Darn it Pete, I am just catching up, with all of the medical stuff. Darn it anyway. Prayers

Anonymous said...

Any progress is good. It's the right direction. Prayers to follow. Thanks for the updates.