Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Step Forward, One Step Back.

 Linda Lou is still heavily sedated, asleep (unconscious?) almost all day and night, still intubated with a ventilator. The good news is that the MRSA is finally knocked down, little progress with the pneumonia, so far. My hope is that the anti MRSA drug down to a holding level the anti-pneumonia meds might work a little better. Of course they've fed her so many antibiotics that they've killed at the "good germs" and now she's got a fungal infection. So now she gets an anti-fungal drug pumped in through one of the three hundred and fifty-two tubes that enter and leave her.

 Early afternoon: A turn for the worse, she's developed a condition known as B. I. C. or B. A. C., the Doc had a difficult accent. Anyhow she is bleeding from one area and clotting in another. At any rate this has a fairly high mortality rate, in the neighborhood of fifty-sixty percent. That's the bad news, the slightly better is that since they discovered this and started treating it, her platelet count is improving some. We'll know in a couple-three days.

 I'm going to pray some, then go curl up like a sick bear.


vwbug said...

Hugs and prayers for both of you.

B said...

Prayers for both of you.