Sunday, June 02, 2013

Adventures In Suburbia!

 So the other day the medical types decided to send Linda Lou back to the hospital where she got her knee rebuilt. This hospital, Dallas Memorial is right off the LBJ Freeway in an inner ring Suburb on the north side of Big D. I don't remember when they built this road, I simply know that it's been under revision and repair since they opened it. So, first they had to wait an entire day for a bed to open, then they brought the ambulance and took her to the wrong hospital, a place in an outer ring suburb to the east. Seems that one of them is Dallas Memorial and the other Dallas Regional, neither one actually in Dallas.

 I wonder, was this normal idiocy or is Obamacare taking over? Of course turning our entire medical system over to a gaggle of politicians, lawyers and IRS goons if far beyond normal idiocy.

 Anyhow, they finally got Linda Lou to the right hospital at four AM. Sigh. The plan is to go into that ankle Monday sometime and take out all the rods, screws and other hardware, sprinkle liberally with antibiotic beads, insert what new hardware they think should go in and hope like heck that surgery #7 is the magic one.

Friday was Karson's first day of summer vacation. He graduated from Day Care and will enter Kindergarten in the fall. His momma was babysitting a little girl just learning how to walk and so when her afternoon naptime came up I drove Karson  to the Cabellas in the outer ring suburb north of here. We looked at all the taxidermied critters and the fish an the aquarium, then we walked around some. The Great Ammo Panic of '13 is easing, there were lots of various centerfire rifle calibers, handgun ammo is coming back and a certain amount of shotgun, including buckshot. There was no #1 buck in 12 gauge, though, and not a single .22 LR round in the store.

 From there we went to the "Library of Guns" the room where they have the collectible rifles, shotguns and pistols and revolvers.  There were lots of special edition Winchester 94s, a takedown Winchester 92 and something that almost made me cry, an almost pristine Griffon and Howe sporter 1903 Springfield. Then we looked at an old Colt Single Action in .32WCF. Nine thousand dollars. Considering that these were usually a boy's first revolver and one could buy a new one, with a box of cartridges and a holster for a twenty dollar gold piece, well, we've come a long way. Actually one can still buy a new Colt Single Action for a twenty dollar gold piece, what has come so far is the devaluation of our money.

 From there we wandered around some more and ended up at the fudge shop. I got chocolate and Karson got Monkey Business. Then he didn't like it and ended up with my chocolate. I didn't like the Monkey Business, either. If you're ever in Cabellas and wander up to the free samples of their fudge, try the chocolate or the peanut butter.

 We stayed gone until after naptime and then we got home to Karson's brothers who start their last week of school tomorrow. Unbeknownst to me my wife and daughter have decided I will stay here until the Fourth Wednesday of June. In the second bed in a room  with a tenyear old boy. Please kill me.


Anonymous said...

You know you love it, grandpa! Try to have a little fun, while I know your are worried about Linda Lou.

vwbug said...

Glad you got to spend time with you grandson! Hope Linda Lou is doing well. Prayers for you both.

pamibe said...

Praying for you both! Karson sounds like a good sort to pal around with... have fun with those kids! :D