Saturday, September 01, 2012

Clint At Eighty-Two

 The screams from the left are nearly deafening. Eastwood scored big with the empty-chair routine. Those that never watched Bob Newhart simply did not get the joke. Even those who didn't get the joke got something very important, though. They learned that one can speak against the Chicago Jeeeezus and not be struck by lightning.

 It's been a while, Obama was actually conferred lefty sainthood way back when he read a teleprompter at the 2004 Dem Convention. This false sainthood has made it impossible to ridicule this man, even at his most ridiculous. Ever wonder what the comics would have done had Governor Palin talked about the moment that the seas stop rising? What would they have said if Senator McCain had, at no small expense, cause to be erected a mess of faux Greek "marble" columns made of Styrofoam?

 We all know what those lefty "comics" would have done, yet there wasn't a peep about the feller that actually did that. Oh, sure, we blogged about it and passed Day By Day cartoons around. Yet it was all preaching to the choir, among the real mass of the country, we didn't count. If any of the comics or regular Journolists heard it the screams of RAAAAACIST! came out and we would get tied up in noting that not only were we not RAAAAACIST! but that the real racists were those who constantly noted race.

 Eastwood may have saved us from that. A smaller man could not go first in public, A small businessman would not have the freedom.  a smart man remembers not to tick off some large portion of his customer base.Airheads like Julia Roberts might completely alienate some forty-sixty percent of the public and survive, smaller acts like the Dixie Chicks couldn't.

 Well, Clint can. He doesn't have too much more time and he's wealthy enough to where he simply doesn't need the Hollywood Left. How can they hurt him? He doesn't need their money and he's already got pretty much very award there is. They can only try to vilify him and when they do that they piss off everyone who grew up on Rowdy Yates and The Man With No Name. When they claim senile dementia they tick off the single most active voters in the country, us over sixty-five.

 This goes way beyond what Eastwood said, it's what we have seen. Eastwood single-handedly got us permission to mock President Thinskin. He will not be able to handle it. When the left (and sometimes the right) hurled invectives about Dubya, he simply did not care. President George W. Bush is a man who is simply comfortable in his own skin. After all, Dubya managed to turn his life around. Dubya worships God and Christ. He went on with what he thought was right. President Obama worships his own reflection. Once this spreads out, Obama is a drunk, lying on the tracks of the Santa Fe, an accident waiting to happen. His own small nature and his hatred of ordinary people will bubble ovr.

 Yes, we're going to be called RAAAAACISTS! for it but, the word has lost it's effectiveness. Eastwood has shown that we no longer have to fear them. So we won't. It's Clint. It's the guys with the signs saying "I built this",, it's the TEA Party. We are in the American version of Berlin, 1989. And the left is powerless.

 It's not all sweetness and light, though. The left is lighting the fuse of race riots when they lose in November. The Democrats. The Party of the people. Yep. That's why they keep preaching division. We're gonna win but it won't be peaceful. Oh well, my kids have plenty of ammo.


pamibe said...

Excellent post and right on the money! With that bit, Clint shifted the national consciousness just enough...

Anonymous said...

I don't think you will need any ammo. The riots, if they come, will be within the usual communities that have all of the riots. I for one certainly don't live there...

Charu Jain said...

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