Monday, September 03, 2012

A Non-Shooting And Only Partially Political Post About Spam.

 Yesterday was Sunday. I am of the age where I only get to eat eggs and stuff for breakfast once a week, or less. Getting old ain't for the fainthearted. So, anyhow I had a block of Monterrey Jack cheese so figured on a cheese omelet. Trouble is, the bacon had sat in the fridge for so long that it wasn't looking too good. That's another thing my Docs don't like me to eat often. Foo.

 I usually have one of those football hams every month, one big ham and sweet 'tater dinner and then some sammiches, some potato, ham and onion hash and ham'n'eggs. Trouble is, it wasn't time for the football ham yet, especially after the Saturday Brisket (more on that coming up).

 So, no ham, no bacon. I had some of those Little Sizzlers with Maple flavor but they don't really go with that flavor of omelet so I went into the emergency stash. You see, I live out here in the country where it's easy to lose electricity so I keep my propane tank mostly over half full and plenty of canned stuff. I was also the child of folks who went through the Great Depression. Lastly I am a man who was in the Service in the '60s so I ate a lot of Spam.

 Speaking of eating Spam, you know how to spot a phoney? That's someone screeching about "the working class" who does not have a few cans of Spam squirreled away. Now, of course, a lot of folks who used to be poor don't eat it anymore but they ain't the folks talking about the workers.

 So, anyhow, I always have several cans around, more during the winter when on the rare times it snows I might be stuck at home until the roads get clear. and out here in Resume Speed, that's when the ice melts. Anyhow, slice Spam thin and fry it brown and it is pretty good with eggs. Cut it into small chunks, fry it good with a big onion and some potatoes boiled enough to be soft after they too are fried and it's a meal even a plutocrat can enjoy, if he didn't know it was Spam!

 So, anyhow, the last time I was shopping I noticed a new flavor of Spam, Spam with Hormel Bacon added. So, I bought my tuna, my beef stew, my canned chicken, etc, and a can of that Spam. Well, that's what I fried to go with my omelet. Spam with Hormel Bacon is going to be included in the ememrgency stash from now on.

 What's not to like? It keeps forever, heck I ate Spam in the Service in the mid-late Sixties that was canned during WW2. Fried and drained it tastes okay and what the heck, Spam is smarter than Joe Biden and more useful than Obama. and,better looking than Debbie Whatshername Schultz.

 In other news I bought a near five pound trimmed brisket last week and oven cooked it using one of the recipes in my new cookbook. from Cookbook Resources. It's called Essential 3-Ingredient, 4 Ingredient and 5 Ingredient Cookbook. And it's 1,000 quick and easy recipes from apetizes to desserts, each with, you guessed it, only three four or five ingredients.

 We invited the twins and their kids out, only Dean and Stephanie were able, but then, with their three boys, maybe it was enough.Anyhow I used one of the three ingredient recipes, a bottle of liquid smoke rubbed in, cover with BBQ sauce and let it marinate overnight, bake covered at 275 degrees F for hours and hours, then refrigerate overnight, slice off any excess fat (no problem with that trimmed brisket)  pick the congealed  fat out of the drippings, slice, pour the dripping over and reheat.

 Easy-peasy. And it came out well. And the raw brisket was prettier than Pelosi. Ah, what a cow leaves on the pasture is prettier than Pelosi.

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pamibe said...

I haven't eaten spam since I was a girl and even then just once remembered.

My parents went through the Great Depression as well, and learned to rely on no one but themselves and what they could coax out of the ground... Mom canned but I never learned how.... though I did learn how to castrate calves. Hung around Dad more than Mom, I guess. ;)

We never had any money, but they made sure we had enough to eat. I'd go back if I could, and do it all over again... :)