Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Twenty-Seven And Don't Look A Day Over Sixty-Five!

 Saturday was my twenty-seventh AA "birthday, the anniversary of my sobriety date. It was a double party, the more important part was Josiah's sixth birthday party held at McDonald's Germ Garden with about seven thousand screaming kids. I can only stand about two minutes at a time back there in Microbe Manor before I have to beat a retreat to the dubious refuge of the front of the McCafe.

 I don't really understand how the noise bothers me so much, seein' as how I'm just about deef as a post but there it is. So I shot a few pics and then went out and tried to get the laptop running. I managed to get it started and it worked fine, then I got it home and, dead, again. My new virus scan has been catching and blocking a portscan every few minutes, if I only knew what a portscan is.

 Meanwhile my big Dell has a Trojan and I don't think it's the kind sold only to prevent disease, meanwhile I don't have anywhere near the money it costs to have the professional geeks to defuse it.

 Anyhow, I'll be trying to post a few pics soon but other than that I've mostly been running from one place to another.

 Update: As often happens my dear sweet wife fell over again, getting into the house and this time she skinned her arm pretty good, causing a little bleeding. I whupped out my red bandanna to keep her from bleeding all over her clothes and, after we finally got inside, put the peroxide and anti-biotic salve on and then the band-aids. Told ya I carried bandannas for a reason! Although I really wish she'd learn to be careful.


pamibe said...

Happy Birthday! That's awesome! :D

My 66 year old mate is also deaf as a post, but you wouldn't believe the intolerance to noise... so you're clearly not alone!

The best antivirus out there is Microsoft Security Essentials. I know! But it is.

And Malwarebytes for the malware and adware.

It's way too easy to pick up bad stuff on the net, which is why I run Firefox with Adblock and NOSCRIPT. Scripts, malicious or not, can't run unless I allow it.

Good luck!

Erinyes said...

My 24th sobriety birthday is just around the corner!

Happy Birthday, Peter! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's almost a quarter century...