Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ted Cruz And His Big Win

 So Linda Lou and I went to vote today. We voted for the most conservative candidate we could find which seemed to be Ted Cruz. Now I do not know exactly how much more conservative Cruz is than Dewhurst, I do know that the second Dewhurst went into the runoffs his campaign got almost as nasty as an Obama campaign. Almost. I also know that Dewhurst was just a little too chummy with the Democrats in the Texas Senate. So, I became a Cruz man.

 Those who read this blog know that my Linda Lou is semi-crippled. We took a long time to vote, primarily because she can't hardly walk, even on her walker.  Where we had our regular primary vote the Republicans and the Democrats were separated by tens of yards, today, at a different polling place, they  were each at the ends of a fairly long table. Now because we were very slow there were some eight people behind us by the time we finished. (No one complained). None of those folks signed up on the Donk end.

 I will say this, though, the Democrats were as helpful as the Republicans were, and it took some doing to get Linda Lou off her walker and the electronic voting doohicky set up for her in the chair. I would submit that small town and country Democrats are about as conservative, and more friendly, as big city Yankee Republicans.

 So, now it's some twenty minutes to one AM and Cruz is around twelve points up. This is big. I mean big. The lord gods of the RNC had chosen Dewhurst, what is this upstart doing, jumping his place in line and who are those awful TEA Party folks to go against their choice?

 The RNC will probably not learn anything from this but that's their problem. The RNC can go the way of the Whigs for all of me.

 I didn't know a whole lot about some of the other races so I just went with the endorsements of people I trust.

 Then we ran a couple more errands. We dropped a box, one of those fake Tupperware types, of peanut butter fudge to an electrician that wouldn't take money for a Westinghouse circuit breaker we needed . He was still in his shop on a Saturday when I went to the electrical supply house that was closed. So I stuck my head in and he hado ne. I tried to give him money but he wouldn't take it. It has long been my policy that no one should ever regret doing me a favor so, since he wouldn't take money...

 Then we went to Half Price Books, spent some $96.00 and change. Praise the Lord we don't get there every week.

 And a box of CCI Mini Mag .22LR hollowpoints. I have a lot of Remington and some Winchester .22s and they shoot okay but the Mini Mags give the best groups out of the Shilen Barrel of my .22.


pamibe said...

Your guy won; congratulations!!

At our polling place the liberals are always nice... most people are lefties here, so they just assume everyone else is, too... ;)

Stephen said...

You and I seem to have the same addictions; books and firearms. My best to your Sweet Wife.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally something about guns.
Stop by my blog post :: Tory

Anonymous said...

I heard Cruz on the Bennett show earlier this week all the way to Kentucky. If one interview could sell a candidate he could do it.

Harvey said...

"The RNC can go the way of the Whigs for all of me."