Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So, Now I'm A Terrorist? Oookay. What Happens Next?

So, according to the establishment left we are now terrorists, hostage takers and are holding guns to America's head. We gathered, first in tens and hundreds, then in thousands and tens of thousands, finally in that huge rally in Washington, DC. Funny, each time there was something first noticed by the right, at that "Dan's Bake Sale", where Rush Limbaugh and some 65,000 fans showed up in Fort Collins, Colorado. The crowd left the grounds cleaner than they found them.

This is the right. When we go somewhere we drop our trash in the barrels. If we see something loose we pick it up and throw it away. Funny thing, you can tell, with perhaps eighty percent efficiency , conservative people from lefties at a highway rest stop. The conservatives will be the ones emptying a trash container into the barrels. But, I digress.

Does anyone remember Nancy Pelosi leading that bunch of lefty Congresscritters right through the crowd of thousands pleading that our health care system, the best in the world, to not me smashed into bureaucrat's fiefdoms? Sure, we remember. The left screeching about how we were yelling NI**ER at the congresscritters, some of whom were holding video cameras and then state of the art cell phone cameras up. Think hard, Breitbart has offered a pretty fair sum of money to anyone with video proof, so far no takers.

That, of course, was merely business as usual in Washington. More business as usual is that jug eared, empty headed narrow-assed clown in the White House whining that all the nation's economic problems are because of George W. Bush. Too bad we don't have a news media. I would love someone asking this bunch of fools to tell us the exact unemployment rate in November, 2006. Funny how in the last period of Republican "rule" unemployment was 4.6 percent and wages up 3.9 percent. We're coming up on six years of Democrat rule, now, although we have wrested one half of Congress away from the Pelosi-Reid gang of thieves. So, now we have the Vice President of the United States of America, agreeing with a United States Congressman that we acted like terrorists.

A deal which does not stop the ship of state from taking on water but merely slows the leak a tiny bit is not a tragedy for the government. The tragedy for the government is that you idiot professional politicians simply find yourselves unable to stop spending money you do not have and cannot get. Representative Cleaver, the debt deal IS a "Satan Sandwich". It is such because it , along with other of your programs, keeps your people mired in poverty.

National wealth has plummeted since the Pelosi-Reid Congress and the Obama Presidency. Funny, though, the wealth of minority America has plummeted even more. And yet, you call us racist? Mr. Vice President, Representative Cleaver, Mr. President, I have to ask you all, why is it, if WE the conservatives hate the poor so much and are so racist, why is it that the worst sections of the entire country are all Democrat strongholds? Well, up until you took over, now entire sections of the country are dying. Thanks a lot.

How long, Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Congressmen Doyle and Cleaver (and a whole host of others) before you figure out that it is your policies that are killing the last, best hope of mankind. Or do you realize that you are killing the country. If so, why? Who gains?

I'm just a small town boy grown old. I know the world has changed and will continue to change. What I cannot understand is why you continue to insult and denigrate the ever decreasing number of people who pay your salaries. There are still hundreds of ways for poor people to become if not rich, at least middle class. Yet your bunch goes out and closes children's lemonade stands when you don't want to put whole states like Texas in the dark. Who gains and who loses, then, Mr. President? The middle class who will tighten their belts a little more to pay the higher power bills or the poor, who you claim to care so much about?

Se, my question remains. Are you wrecking the country, and the futures of those you claim to care so much about, by accident? If so, how long before you notice that everything you do makes things worse? Or are you wrecking the country on purpose> If so, do you really expect us to let you do so? Really? You ain't seen terrorists yet.

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pamibe said...

Of course it's not by accident. And we're the terrorists? Riiight...