Sunday, August 07, 2011

First We Pray

So we lost some thirty-one of our best trained, best equipped warriors at once when their bird went down. Some twenty members of SEAL Team Six, other US troops, the aircrew and some Afghani Special Ops troops. We do not know why the helo went down, we may never know. That's a lot of wives and children, parents, bothers and sisters with a new hole in their lives.

After we mourn our best and grieve with their families, we need to find out how and why they died. Was it merely the golden beebee that the aviators of my war feared, just that lucky shot from the millions that the bad guys were always pegging toward our birds?

The most important question is a simple one, why do we know what unit took down Osama? Why wasn't it simply NATO Forces? I remember we had about ten minutes of secrecy, that that wetbrain Biden opened his piehole. Did that put the bad guys to work building the Taliban equivalent of a Flak Trap?

If we are pulling our troops out, why are we sending special ops guys in? Are we doing that old partial fight again? During the Bush Admin it was our Armed Forces at war, America at the mall. Today it seems as if some of our Armed Forces at war, America can't afford to go to the mall.

Look, I'm just an ex enlisted guy, still I know enough to figure we either fight or don't fight. This business of agonising over a troop buildup, then sending some of the troops our Generals on the spot ask for, then loudly announcing the withdrawal of said troops, all the time leaving the enemy neighboring countries to rest, recruit and resupply is madness. It's exactly what happened during LBJ's war. We finally won that fight when Nixon took over, this angered Democrats so much they cut off all aid to the RVN when the north invaded again. Now it seems we're doing the same thing again.

I'm pretty sure the Democrats will try hard to blame this on the TEA Party.

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pamibe said...

The entire thing is sickening. Very few in government can keep their mouths shut. That intel should have been top secret.

And, nobody can make up their minds what to do... except golf.

So, we lose 31 heroes. It's heartbreaking and maddening. :(