Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Congressman Weeniewagger

I really don't know where to begin with this Congressman Weiner thing. I go over to one of the 12 bazillion links from Ace of Spades or the Puppyblender and see that liberal women are attracted to Weiner because he screams at Republicans. Then they call this chicken lipped nebish an "alpha male". That pencil neck an alpha male? Heck, he'd have to study hard to be a zeta male. Someone tell me how long this punk would last in boot camp.

Weiner is the result of the feminizing of the American male. Not all males have been feminized, of course, it's just that those who have not are unwelcome in polite society. A Marine or an old school Boatswain's Mate must use the servant's entrance and not come into the parlor with the "quality", at least not until reaching the Flag Officer ranks.

Weiner isn't alone, of course. Look at the new mayor of Chicago. Another pencil neck who has made his living destroying other people by using words that, in my great grandfather's day would have got him horsewhipped, if not called out to a gunfight.

Weiner is not the problem, merely a symptom. I am not going to ever say that men with no chests should be thrown out of society, I am saying that men (and women) should be held responsible for their speech. And, yes, I mean fistfights. I mean we should again recognise the concept of "fighting words".

Personally I don't care what kind of pictures the Weeniewagger sends to women who ask for a look at his needledick. If he sent those same pictures to a woman who had not asked to see his ridiculously small package I would expect her husband, boyfriend or father to go searching for him. Nor would I be particularly interested in what he held in his hands. Heck, most of the young women who are paid to make me ache in places that I haven't even thought of in decades could hunt him down and stomp him like a snake. And bein' good Texas gals, they would! Weiner is supposed to be a grown man, let him take full responsibility for his actions, and their consequences.

Heck, if he sent such pictures to my daughter she would first pray for him. If he showed up and she thought he was a danger to her children she'd shoot him down like a rabid coyote. Or her husband would.

Another thing that bothers me about this whole thing is how the lefties always talk about we, on the right, want to force our values on everyone. Yet it is the left who want Kindergarten kids to start learning about condoms. So, when they do it it's "education", if we do it it's forcing our values on people. Well, we haven't always lived up to our values, as a matter of simple fact, there has only been one perfect person in all history, according to most of us in this country. And He believed in fighting words if you look at what He did in that temple to the moneychangers.

Now it may seem like I too am using fighting words. Well, okay. I'm a little old for fistfights but, if a leftist, especially one I have named here mad enough, come on down. Put a little something in your hand, we'll go out to the vacant lot and see who walks out. I'm game, are they? If not, they shouldn't talk like that about us and they shouldn't strut around like banty roosters. Congressman Weiner may have stones, although from that underwear pic you couldn't prove it. He does, otherwise, act like a screeching eunuch.


pamibe said...

Maybe it's wrong of me, but I just don't care about Weiner, his tiny member or who he shares said digit with.

'Alpha male'? Those poor women. Apparently they've never been exposed to a real man.

And that's the problem.

And yes, the way we grew up a woman could -and can- defend herself against this sort of thing without a second thought. Or her boyfriend, father, husband could do it for her.

When a woman is in a relationship with a real man, it empowers her. Those Weiner girls can keep the metrosexual males and I'll keep the real men... ;)

Kernut the Blond said...

Great post! I posted a negative comment about him, and similar politicians, on Facebook. Most folsk were in agreement, but today I got a staunch supporter! The "gentleman" thinks Weiner's confession is 'laudable' as he is 'an addict' making his first admission! WTH??

My reply was this: 'He may be in denial, but that is hardly enough to qualify as a sex addict. Narcissistic serial philanderers aren't sex addicts....' ... 'And puhlease - he hardly deserves any praise for his finally coming clean - long after the fact - and long after he was busted....'

I just don't see anything defensible in his actions, and your post is a welcome viewpoint in the argument.

Harvey said...

So many people forget that one legitimate answer to the question "what would Jesus do?" is "trash their stuff and chase the bastards with a homemade whip"