Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day, 2011

So as soon as it was daylight I put Cochise' Apache Princess out in the backyard, let Bingo T. Pug out the front and put out my flag. I sometimes wonder why I bother, this bein' a three house street and all, then I remember that I'm flying her for Linda Lou and me.

I read that there are folks in the media and in Washington, DC claiming that the recession is over. They must not get out much. I live in Texas. The state where some 38% of all new jobs since the recession started got "created". I hate that word, no one creates a job. An employer works hard enough to build the business and then needs someone to do some of the work. With a little luck then the boss and the new employee work hard enough to where there is enough work that a new employee is needed so they hire someone else.

Anyway, over a third of all these new jobs are in Texas. Yet we drive down the roads and see all these vacant buildings where there once were businesses. We see all these houses for sale, many have been on the market since the Pelosi Speakership was news. I guess not being able to travel is a good thing now. If the "Vibrant Texas Economy" looks like this the rest of the country must look like the poor side of Dogpatch.

So Obama is going to focus on jobs now. How many times is that now? Does Obama even understand what a job is? Or why there are jobs? I don;t see where he and Me-Chelle have ever had real jobs where they actually created anything of value. Or even bought or sold anything of value. Obama is focusing on jobs? His EPA is causing several big coal fired electric generating plants with nothing to replace them. Word is that bills will go up at least eleven percent. I'd bet that is the lowball estimate. Now look, if Einstein were still alive he probably wouldn't be staying up nights worrying about me outsmarting him but here's my question. Grey Davis was fired as California Governor, right? Over electric rates, among other things but failure to provide power was the big thing.

So, Obama is, as he promised, going after coal, causing electric rates to "necessarily skyrocket." This after seeing Gray Davis fired. And he's doing this before the election. And this Obama feller goes around talking about how smart he is?


pamibe said...

The answer is 'no'. He doesn't know what a job really is and will never know. He's even tired of being president and says that "one term might be enough". Probably tired from too many golf dates.

I didn't even know it was flag day. I'm so ashamed.

Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian said...

Thank you for the reminder that today is Flag Day, Peter. Just dropping by to see how you and Linda Lou are doing. I don't know how close your children are -- you've got a lot of challenges and I hope you get plenty of love and support.

Peter said...

I hope I don't discover that you are really a middle ageed man, Cynthia. Seeems that all thee other lesbian bloggers are!

Show us the birtth certificate!

Terry_Jim said...

Obama is focusing on jobs- like a ten year old boy with a magnifying glass focuses on ants on a sunny day.

Harvey said...

I'll quote my boss, Doug Urbanski on this one:

"Obama said at one point that the price of electricity would necessarily skyrocket under his policies, and then he tells you that you should have an electric car."

He's got a million of 'em:


Anyway, my new theory is that we shouldn't elect anyone President who's never had to sell a valuable possession because he desperately needed the cash.