Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Thinkin'

So now the Feds think that the Unabomber, who probably started wanting to kill people because he always had to spell his name five times to people, might be the Tylenol poisoner. Seein' as how he's locked up can we go back to packaging that does not require a knife and pliers to get to the effin' product? Or are they just tryin' to clear the case? I hate to believe that but with the history of the FBI Labs being a mess, and various "scientist expert witnesses" being as crooked as that Lombardy Street in San Francisco, I just don't know. I do not understand DNA. I read a lot, I follow Instapundit and Althouse, in addition to a life experience so I can confidently say no jury will ever understand DNA. If a potential juror actual education and experience to understand DNA, one or the other sterling advocates of justice trying the case would use one of the peremptory challenges to get rid of her.

I don't know what to do about this. We have too many cases on record of these people and these outfits being biased away from the truth, for power, for a twisted sense of "justice", to put away "undesirables", for money from a wealthy defendant, or that matter in civil cases, plaintiff or plaintiff's lawyer.

I can understand a case of "we caught the guy at the scene with the victims all over, the chainsaw still in his hand, he was covered in blood...". Anything more scientifical than that is beyond me. And I'm supposed to sit on a jury.

So I was driving along today, after my first bout with the new physical terrorists and Hannity had Carville on, letting Carville talk. So, Carville thinks that after some primaries Romney will be the guy to go against Obama. I really hope he's wrong. I really dislike Carville, he has a voice made for roadside billboards and a face made for radio, as well as political ideas that will kill millions. Still, he knows ground politics and he's hoping the Washington Republicans do it to us again.

Romney as the nominee will guarantee that both the Tea Party types and the Evangelicals will either sit the election out or bolt to a third party. Bottom line, Romney means we lose, again. It may well mean that the big money guys on the coasts will be sitting around with a big headquarters and no voters. The Republicans are in real danger of going the way of the Whigs.

Dear big money guys: Please anoint someone that the voters will support. We've had decades of "it's his turn". It gave us Jimmy Carter. And then it gave us Bill Clinton. George H. W. Bush is a good man, a very good man. He was only elected the first time because the Donks ran a dork named Dukakis. Actually the only reason Bush won in '88 was that picture of the dork in the tank. Without that there would have been no opposition to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and no fall of the Berlin Wall.

Then the "it's his turn crowd gave us Bob Dole, another good guy who would, or could never win a national election. Starting to get the picture, big money guys? Let me build on it to make sure. McCain. Now Romney isn't anything like McCain except that he is pure poison to the people that work the phone banks and walk the precincts. Now you big money guys think that since it's Obama you can win without those awful Tea Party types and those smelly Evangelicals. Please, please, l00k back on recent history. The Democrat base hates us and fears us. They will go all out, no matter who their nominee is. Sorry, our side's base has some standards. I can see you guys being willing to lose the odd, unimportant election here or there. Losing the country is a different matter. We are almost out of time for us to remain a constitutional republic. In my darker moments I think it's already too late. Sigh.

In a more immediate note I was fixing my navy bean soup and, as I was frying the quarter box of Wrights Bacon Ends and Pieces a thought crossed my mind...With all the laws being passed, do you think we could make it a felony to use the words "too much" and "bacon" in the same sentence?

Navy bean soup is probably the best thing ever to come out of the galley of a ship. I was slicing up the little bit of carrot and celery and getting ready for the humongous onion I was putting in when I started wondering about the sweet onion craze. Dear Georgia, I know you're proud of your sweet Vidalia onions, I even like them sometimes. Can you, please, though, make it a little easier to find the old fashioned onions for cooking? I go to the supermarket and it's sweet Vidalia over there, Texas sweet over here, damn it! I'm cooking soup and stew and (when I have a few buck) pot roast! I'll let you know when I want to make candy.

Anyhow, the soup is in the crockpot, and it'll be ready by Friday evening. Patsy, our neighbor is making cornbread from scratch and we should do some serious eating. Desert is apple pie. I like pie. If we decide the Republican Party is defunct, we could fight it out, the TEA Party and the I Like Pie Party. Winner gets to try to repair the damage these idiots are doing.

Anyhow, that's what I'm up to, and it's almost four AM so I should try to go to bed.

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pamibe said...

I'm all for the I Like Pie party.

Think I'll make an apple pie this weekend... Mmmm...

I really hope they don't shape the election again... I don't want Romney and you're right; it would splinter the right.