Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Not Dead, I Think.

It's like this: Linda Lou's physical therapy is taking up a lot of time, from getting ready for the bus, then waiting for the bus, then riding on the bus, then the deal with the physical terrorists. Then dressing in dry stuff, calling the bus, waiting for the bus, riding the bus, horsing that damned wheelchair up the ramp, then supper. I need a nap just thinking of it.

Nor does it help that my Neurologist has me on a new med that is supposed to do a better job of controlling my tremors. Well, I'm steady. Dizzy, hardly able to walk but steady. Plus it makes me drowsy while unable to really sleep. Hope that passes, I like the steadyness, though. It would be nice to be steady and not be sitting around drooling on myself, though.

On top of everything else we had a command performance up in the Dallas suburb to see Josiah graduate from preschool. They do graduation gowns and mortarboard hats and everything. Funny, though, none of the graduates could tell me their majors. I asked several. They couldn't even SAY microbiology, much less study it.

Afterwards we babysat while the kids went to an important parent teacher conference. The little kids napped, William wanted to do something. We ended up bicycling, God help me. I used to ride bikes, I mean I rode all over. Back then I had legs like tree trunks. Even Ann Althouse would have liked to see me in my cut off blue jeans back then. Today, not so much. I thought I'd have to get better to die.

Anyhow, the blog is going to have to just survive without me for a few more weeks. It should not be very much longer before Linda Lou can just go to physical therapy without me. Until then, I dunno. Talk among yourselves, maybe read a good book or try a new recipe or something. If I survive all this, I'll be back.


vwbug said...

*hugs* to the both of you.

Mrs. Who said...

Wow. You have the strength to get through this. Prayers for both you and the sweet Linda Lou.

Teresa said...

Oh yes, the entire hurry up and wait for everything. So sorry you both have to go through this.

Anonymous said...

I know how the waiting is. Glad to hear you are both progressing. I will be thinking of you.

pamibe said...

We'll be here when you get back to writing. Praying for you both! {{HUG}}