Monday, May 02, 2011

Good Job!

The regular reader, all couple of you might be surprised here but let me start by saying, "Good Job, Obama!" I am not sure just how he got the gonads to pull the trigger on the Bin Laden job, perhaps he borrowed Hillary's. Or Michelle's.

Then, of course, good job to the folks who gathered the Intel. The biggest props go to the men of Seal Team Six and the Special Ops Helo unit. These men must sleep in specially soundproof barracks, otherwise the clang of those big brass ones would wake everyone up every time any of them needs to get up to pee during the night.

Unlike some, I am pleased they took OBL's body out to an aircraft carrier and buried it at sea. Now when we capture one of these fanatics we do not need to imprison or execute them. Instead we can take them on one of those pilgrimages to OBL's grave and leave them there.

My hope is that we have a nice picture of OBL trying to shoot his AK from behind his human shield wife. Note to the brave jihadis: When you want to use your wife or child as a human shield you must practice a lot with them. The muzzle blast of your weapon will make them flinch, throwing your aim way off. The only way to resolve this is to practice with them enough to deafen them so that they won't flinch. With just a little luck the practice will also cause enough scar tissue from the hot gas of the muzzle flash to harden your wife or child against that pain. A further note to brave Jihadis: Fat girls. Marry fat girls to hide behind. Maybe they'll stand a better chance of stopping that bullet. After all, you can always find a sheep for your lovin'.

My only fear is that many will now think this fight is over. Please note that Germany kept fighting after Hitler ate his gun. Of course, by that time they didn't have much left with which to fight, unlike the Jihadis. Between the opium money and the oil, Islam has plenty of resources and lots of young men. In a society when wealthy men can have multiple wives the poorer men have, what, exactly? Lots of frustration.

The Overseas Military Contingency is far from over. It would be nice if the Dems do not cut the military to the bone again.

Update, 05/04/11: It sure would be nice if the powers that be could decide that our military and intelligence operations deserve a bit of secrecy. Osama has achieved room temperature. That is news we can use. I can stop eyeing every real tall Arab-lookin' dude. Still the guys in Special Ops like to be anonymous, for good reason. When they go out they leave their wives and kids. Nor do we need to know how they disposed of Osama's corpse. An aircraft mechanic from one of the squadrons, or maybe some guy or gal from the Engineering Dept. does not travel armed, nor are they particularly trained to ward off an angry Islamist.

While I am still pleased that OBL has been found, and offed, I can't help thinking that, if we could keep a secret anymore, we could have, perhaps run the op a little blacker, say with French helicopters, bought with fake IDs snatched OBL up, carried him to a secret location, say just outside of Resume Speed, Idaho, wrung every scrap of info out of him and then um, "find" him in a cave someplace. and then cap him.

Oh, and BTW, it should not have been vital for your hacks to lie. If Osama didn't have a gun and wasn't hiding behind his wife, fine. A large majority of Americans would have supported offing him if he were standing, without a stitch on the nude beach. You clowns watched the op on TV fer Heaven's sake! Why did y'all have to add "drama" one day just to walk it beck the next?


pamibe said...

'Fat girls'. Heh...

What a sad excuse for a man, hiding behind his wife! Burial at sea is fine, but I think his head should have been set on a pike at Ground Zero for all to see... Crass? Probably. But like all feral animals, civility doesn't work on islamic jihads.

Harvey said...

Hey, fat girls aren't just for human shields. They're also warm & cuddly & aren't all high-maintenance like bony girls.

Also, much harder to kidnap, thus saving you a fortune in ransom payouts.