Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Justice Breyer

I'm trying to remember the oath you said when becoming a judge. I'm pretty sure it was much the same as the one I took back in 1964 except for maybe obey the Officers, etc. Funny how I had to preserve and defend the Constitution, there didn't seem to be very many copies of that in Viet Nam. You, though, have that as your daily job.

I'm trying to figure out what language you speak, Judge. You and the rest of those nineteen bazillion government drones, all claiming to owe allegiance to the Constitution of The United States of America. I really wish the Framers would have made a little test for anyone wanting to draw the governments dime and anyone failing would be out.

You, Judge, were on the national news about the Second Amendment. You say the right of the people to keep and bear arms only counts for the Militia. Judge, a lot of folks have been discharged from the military and the modern militia, the National Guard. Judge, when someone gets out of the Service, according to you, they are no longer part of "the people" What are they, Judge? If they are no longer people, Judge, what species are they?

Here are some questions for everyone, Judge, congresscritter, drone, President. What is an enumerated power? If the Constitution, which, I remind you, you swore an oath to preserve and protect, left an action or law out, why are you mucking around in it? Under what authority? Why, sir, should any citizen care what you think about something that the Constitution gives you no right to mess about in?

I notice that you, and the other Washington types are messing about with the First Amendment, also. Take religion, for instance. Okay, the Federal Government says we don't have a mandated state religion. Great. It also says that the Federal Government should butt out of "the free exercise thereof". Now I'm just a poor dumb redneck but that clause pretty clearly says that if someone wants to say a prayer before a football game it's none of your business.

Exactly how many laws make up "no law" Judge? You bozos are trying to regulate internet speech. Aside from being cheaper than buying a printing press, how is the internet different than a pamphlet? I do not have the power to force anyone to read my blog.So, who gave you the power to regulate it? Please point those words in the Constitution out to me. Funny, my copy is from 2004 but I read Instapundit every day. and Althouse, too. You'd think a couple of Law Professors would mention a Constitutional Amendment. Maybe it happened during my stroke, I lost about a month there.

I read where the plaintiffs in the suit about Obamacare went to a conservative judge and it made a difference in the outcome. And where other suits went to liberal judges and there was a different outcome than that. Sir, that is not right. The Constitution is written in plain 18th Century English. The Federalist Papers are also right there, written in the same language. Judge, if the outcome of a trial differs because of a judge, we don't have law. I'm not sure, persactly, what we do have but it ain't law.

You Washington types keep piling rule after rule where it says "Congress shall make no law". So, Judge, how many laws are "no law"? Now I'm just a pore dumb redneck but they taught me in school that Congress shall make no law" means it's not the Federal Government's business. There's that pesky Tenth Amendment saying stuff like if the Constitution doesn't give you that power it belongs to the States or to the People. Well, Judge, I'm one of those People, no matter what you might think. I did not cede my freedom to you or your ilk.

So, when are you going to be through? How many laws make up no law?If you do not care about the well defined limits of your power and keep sticking your long federal nose into things that are clearly none of your business, when will you be satisfied?

You know, Judge, we don't need anyone to translate the law. We need judges, and congressmen and Presidents to follow the law. If a law comes out written so confusingly that a Judge needs to interpret it, it needs to go back to Congress to be re written so that a high school sophomore can understand and follow it.

Judge, just who the Hell are you to put your prejudices in instead of the clearly written Constitution? Seriously, who do you think you are?

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