Saturday, December 11, 2010

Picked Up A Bad Case Of The Germs

Well, I have picked up a bad case of the creeping crud, not in my body, nor in Linda Lou's but in my computer. Seems I have several virus types and now I can't do anything. Payday I'll take it to the computer doctor for a system flush or whatever it is they do. Until then I'm working on my old computer which is like a six year old waiting for a promised Christmas present, in February.

Meanwhile, the pills the Vet gave Bingo for his flea allergy really worked. He's like a new dog. He loves not itching horribly on his back where he can't scratch. He still loves his ear scritches, though. It's nice being able to scritch his ears and not have him move to where I'm not scratching right above the root of his tail.Bingo and I are going to see Linda Lou tomorrow.

I don't often agree with Bill Clinton but I sure did when he told Obama "please go". It would be nice to have an honest Administration in, like Harding or U. S. Grant. It was a strange scene, wasn't it? It made me believe more that Obama only likes to be seen as President, rather than be President. He loves him the big jet, the White House staff catering to his every desire. What he doesn't like is the mind boggling amount of work involved. Poor feller. He's spent his whole life being told how special he is. He's never had a job where he had any responsibility. I wonder how different this guy's life would be if he'd worked his way through college, say in a machine shop?

It would have really been fun to be in that office with no corners when they brought in that first huge pile of papers and told him, this is yours, deal with it. The look on his face when he realised that there is no one else to sluff it off on would have been priceless.

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