Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wealth Creation

There is something seriously wrong with wealthy leftists, The Kennedys, the Obamas, the Soros types have one thing in common. They either made their pile under somewhat suspicious circumstances (who wrote that book, Barry?) or inherited it. They got to the top, now they are sawing the ladder down so no one else gets there. Worse, while they are doing it, they accuse the right of wanting the poor to suffer.

I'm kind of curious. When George Soros wiped out the savings of all those Brits, how many jobs did he create? I know that, today, he finances a lot of lefties to help destroy my country and turn it into something the Constitution doesn't allow but is that worth the savings and jobs of thousands of people?

That fat pig, Ted Kennedy never created a single job, he was directly responsible for making it harder to find a job. That drunken lout was one of one hundred Senators who helped destroy the black family and yet, there he was, the Liberal Lion of the Senate. Why? The guy that left a low level campaign worker, a woman, to die, then became infamous for that waitress sandwich with Chris Dodd somehow became a champion of women. Huh. Meanwhile cops spend ten years in the sex crimes squad are Pigs to the lefties. Go figure.

It really doesn't matter which. The Pelosis won't let union labor on their vineyard but demand other people submit to card check. Cool. That will help with unemployment!

Meanwhile this Obama feller. The one claiming that he inherited the economic mess we're in. Excuse me, my memory isn't what it was before my stroke but I don't recall the country dying and leaving the economy to him. I seem to remember a rather ugly election with Obama not just running but refusing to say a word about some really ugly reports of cheating by his people. He didn't inherit anything in '08 unless his grandmother left him something. He fought for the job, he didn't inherit it. Although he does kind of act like one of those dumb kids inheriting too much money without ever having to work for it. Funny, he's still not working for it. Go figure.

There is a real problem with our truth in advertising laws. The Democrats tout themselves as the Party of the little guy and that may once have been true. I don't recall exactly when but, okay it might have been back in General Jackson's day, maybe. Today it is the party of making sure the little guy stays little.

Democrats run every big city with a substantial minority population which is pretty much all of them. Democrats have run the minority sections of the big cities even longer. Notice how wonderful the minority areas of big cities are these days? The left has really improved things, right? What, they haven't?

If we want to improve the lives of the poor, we need to let them create wealth. Not give them anything but let the poor get educated. Real education, not that pap in big city schools where the most important subject is grievances. Bring back shop class, too. I don't know how many kids I've seen since I got out of the Service that do not seem to realize that a job is not the place to spend all day on the phone with the girlfriends. I've seen a lot of high school graduates who cannot read the directions. Many who have been outraged that the whole idea of a job is to work. Too bad all kids can't go to work for the Post Office but, there it is. (I say this as the husband of a postal retiree. The only difference between a Postal retiree and about half of the postal workers in an MPO is that the retiree doesn't have to commute to do nothing.)

Even as poor as the big city schools have gotten, there is an almost guaranteed way to avoid poverty. Graduate high school. Avoid drugs. Do not have or father children until married. This does not promise riches, only that one will avoid poverty. Still, no matter how poor the first job, with those three things one's lot should improve. Even if that first job is janitor or burger flipper. Do you know how many McDonald's Franchise owners started as burger flippers? Most of them.

Almost all of the fast food companies try hard to promote and to offer a way up. So, naturally the Democrats hate the fast food companies. Figures.

Oh well, it's time to end this.It's past time to put a stop to the Party of Obama and George Soros being the Party of the little guy.

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