Monday, September 20, 2010

She's Our Witch!

Well it's sure now that my Linda Lou can't run for office on the Republican ticket, after all it's on record that she has a screw loose. (More on that after I vent a little. So, over ten years ago this O'Donnell woman casually mentioned that when she was a lot younger she dabbled in witchcraft. As in she dated a guy who took her to a whatever they call their meeting place and that there was alleged blood on the alter.

So, was it long enough ago that she was the one who turned Gingrich into a Newt? In the Democrat primary I think having dabbled in Wicca before turning to Christianity would be a definite downer, not because of the Wicca but because of the Christianity. Now I do not claim to be the greatest theologist around but I'm pretty sure that it is pretty normal for folks to go down some blind roads before settling into their faith. I also keep remembering that popular bumper sticker: "Christians aren't perfect, they're forgiven."

Meanwhile, alleged Republicans and alleged Christians are demanding explanations from O'Donnell. I saw the headline where Rove said she needed to explain.

Hey Rove! How about you go up to Alaska and slap the Murk a few times? What is it about the concept of "won the Primary" that you do not understand? It's past time you shut up about Delaware where we have a not so perfect woman running against a far left dweeb. Those are two races that we can win. If you idiot Party leaders" shut up; and either get with the parade or get out of the way before you get trampled. The Tea Party is a very important part of the Republican Party, Rove. It's the part of the Party that you have been making promises to for most of my life, and breaking those promises since the end of the Eisenhower Administration.

You "party leaders" are losing your chance to keep the Tea Party in the fold. If you idiots manage to chase O'Donnell out of the race at this late date all those hundreds of thousands of people who went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Gateway Arch and scores of other places in the last year+ will be sitting home in November instead of voting for those you have anointed. O'Donnell, Miller up in Alaska, those people are important to the Tea Party types, some like Linda Lou and I who have never been to one of those big hoo-raws, some like Sarah Palin. We are the ones who usually vote but can stay home when the big race is a foregone conclusion. Tell me, Rove, would you rather the O'Donnell and Miller supporters go to the Polls and pull the straight Republican ticket or stay home? That is the choice, Rove, that you and those other "Party Leaders" are forcing on the Party when, instead, you could roll up your sleeves and help. Just remember, the Tea Party candidates did not win in every Primary. Yet none of those candidates have refused to endorse the eventual winner of the Primary and none have started a write in candidacy. So, Rove, who is it that is failing the party unity test?

I think the motto for the O'Donnell Campaign should be "She turned Gingrich into a Newt! She's our witch!"

About my Linda Lou. She is going to a ortho specialist, the guy works almost exclusively with folks who need joint replacements and have bone cancers. Linda Lou, although she could use two brand new knees, does not have bone cancer, nor will they have to replace any joints. The break, though, is so close to the ankle joints that nothing anyone has done so far has worked. And now that screw is sticking through the skin. Not the pointy part, the head. It's really cute, when we change the dressing.

Patsy, our neighbor, insisted that Linda Lou go over there for a couple of days, before going to the new Doc. She says her house is easier for her and her wheelchair. She is back in the wheelchair, BTW. Whoopie! Ah, it was only February that she broke her leg, we can't expect healing so soon. Grump.

Anyhow, we were getting Linda Lou out the door and into her wheelchair when she simply toppled over. We had to call the volunteer fire department to get her up, they helped us get her next door. Now Linda Lou has gone in and out of that door
ever since she got home from the hospital. She would have this time if not for Patsy kept talking about her falling. Grrr! So, we waited around for the Volunteer Fire Dept. people, they came, lifted her up into the wheelchair and then helped us get her up the stairs and into the house. A little prayer about getting her out of the house Tuesday morning would be nice. I swear, if she falls down this time she can roll to the car.!

So, I'm over here with no wife and two dogs. Seems like I should have some bimbos swinging naked from the ceiling fans or something. No such luck. The dogs do go looking for Linda Lou every hour or two, sniffing around all her spots and then giving me a dirty look. Anybody want to buy a couple of bozo dogs? Cheap! Anyhow, the only good news is that I can watch all the shows on the Western Channel that Linda Lou doesn't like. Tell the truth, I'd rather have the naked bimbos. Or my Linda Lou. (Don't tell her that, she'd get the big head.)

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