Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Phase Of Surgery Okay

It was an adventure getting up there, we had some certified mail to pick up so I drove to the post office our mail goes through, which is not the closest post office, nor is it even in the same county. Don't ask. So, we hardly ever go to that town but on the rare times we have registered or certified mail. There was a construction sire and I had to drive through it to and fro, just after driving through it on the way back I had a nice blowout. Shucks and other colorful comments. So, after changing the tire in the Texas sun I then got to wait at the tire store, then hit Dallas traffic at rush hour. So I got there late but luckily they were later at the hospital.

The twins were there our youngest boy and only daughter, they pretty much kept me company until the Doc finally showed up after about 11:00 PM. So, here is the latest on The Saga of Linda Lou's Leg. The hardware is all out and there is a batch of antibiotic beads in there. There is a splint on the outside of her leg. There was no gross infection although once that screw poled through the skin they must act as there is infection.

Since there is a severe risk of infection they will not try to repair the break again for at least four but more like six to eight weeks.Until after the weekend Linda Lou will stay in that hospital, after wards they will transfer her to a rehab facility for (most of?) the remaining time until the next surgery.

Every day a new adventure. Meanwhile this hospital is a tad over ninety miles away. The important thing, though, is so far, so good. God treats me better than I deserve.

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