Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back In The Hospital

We saw the new Doc and now Linda Lou is back in the hospital. They are, within the next day or two, going to take all the hardware out of her leg, again. then after a period of antibiotics to kill any possible infection, they will try again. The Doc says that this is the last try to fix the break. If unsuccessful the next step is the "A" word. I was kind of wondering why an almost sixty-five year old woman would need an abortion when it dawned on me that there is a different procedure that begins with "A", amputation. Well we wanted to lose a little weight but this seems extreme.

The Doc is in north Dallas at the Medical City complex. Med City seems to have no beds open right that minute so he sent us up to another hospital where he has a relationship, even further from home, if such is possible. This is some twenty-five miles north of Med City, I was expecting folks to speak Oklahoman or, perhaps, Canadian, eh?

The only good news is that she is in what is normally a pediatric floor, judging by the Old MacDonald pictures on the wall. Linda Lou likes that sort of thing.

The good news is that it's only about ten-fifteen miles from Stephanie and Dean's place so that's something. Anyhow we are still in limbo. I wonder how she'd be doing under Obamacare. Would they have given her the red pill or the blue pill?

Update 9/22/09 1:48 PM: Surgery at 7:00 PM this evening to take that hardware out of her leg. I was taking a nap. I was going to skip the drive up this evening, no such luck now. Coffee and into the car! Oh well, it's payday, I'll grab something good on the way.

Any spare prayers and good wishes you have layin' around would be nice. Time for me to start to practice speaking that Oklahoman/Canadian now, y'all, eh? I thought they did surgery in the morning, eh? Is this just when the Doc has time or is this something really more awful than I thought?

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