Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Texas Independence Day, Election Day and Other Stories.

I was back into my usual routine, still hadn't gone to bed and was getting ready to go vote and do a little shopping, then home to bed and up in time to go see Linda Lou at the hospital.

So, about 9:00 AM I was dressed and Bingo T. Pug and I went out to go. Bingo wanted to vote in Linda Lou's place and I had her voter registration card. First thing out of the box, flat tire. At least yesterday's rain had blown out but, with the wind straight out of the north, it was no fun. Even less fun is that Linda Lou has the cell phone with her so I couldn't even call the road service...

It was an open question for awhile, which would come first, a coronary or the donut spare put on and the flat put into the back. To make matters worse, the flat had rolled through some fresh dog poop. Some of you might be glad to know that I did not die, It might have been close but sorry, kids, you'll have to wait a while longer for your vast inheritance.

We finally got to the voting place, also known as a local church's special events building. The first thing I did was wash the tire goo off my hands in the "boys room". I then showed my card and voted by machine, most everybody likes those paper ballots but, hey, I'm a 21st Century kind of guy.

The Donks were also having their primary in that same room, on the other side. This is not necessarily indicative of all the precincts all of the day, all over the State, but I walked in, there were one couple at our table, getting signed in, nobody at the Donks. I washed my hands and still, nobody at the Donk's side. A new pair of voters at my side's table. I voted, told 'em about Linda Lou and said that Bingo would be glad to vote in her place, they said fine but he'd have to use the machine and no help. Eh, he probably would have voted for that truther Paultard, Medina, anyway.

From there we went to the tire shop, it took some forty-five minutes but away we went with a fresh tire and I remembered that it was Texas Independence Day so I rolled into the WalMart parking lot singing Texas, Our Texas at the top of my lungs. Bingo must have been mad 'cuz he couldn't vote because he cowered away, it couldn't have been my singing!

I got a big can of coffee, a gallon of milk and some assorted other stuff.
a can of salmon because my mama made salmon patties a lot and then I hadn't had any until I taught myself how to cook 'em. I'm not sure, after all these years, whether or not mine are as good as hers but they're good enough. I don't care how old I get, I still miss my Mama.

Anyhow, I drove home and went to bed about two-thirty or three. I brought CAP in but she had gptten so muddy in the puddles left over from the rain the day before that I put her back out, no WAY was I going to let the Mud Monster into bed with me. And, if she's in the house she at least starts the "night" in the bed. The muddy paw prints are out of control and her favorite places to lay end up covered in dried mud.

Had to get dogs, couldn't get some nice guppies, no! And the woman who said she wanted her hasn't called back so I guess that's out. Too bad.

I only spoke to Linda Lou over the phone a couple of times, depending on how tired I am after we clean out the gunroom and hallway I'll either go see her today or tomorrow. Dean doesn't know it yet but he is going home with my big Forster Bonanza Co-Ax Press will go home with him as well as the .30-06 dies and the Redding Benchrest powder measure. All he will need to load his own will be a powder scale for I am sending about a half tone of powder, bullets, cases and primers with him, as well as a couple of manuals.

I shall also speak to him about starting up a cast bullet business. I have a pal in the scrap metal biz, I think I can get enough scrap lead at a low cost, after all, he shoots the ammo I make for him.

Well, I slept until one AM and so my schedule is borked again. I must figure out a way to get back on a human schedule, I don't think I'm really meant to spend my declineing years as a vampire. Oh well, that was Texas Independence Day.

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