Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pugs Visited Their Mama!

I took Ming the Merciless and Bingo to see their Mama today. I got to the hospital and bundled Linda Lou into a wheelchair and off we went down the elevator and outside where they had a joyous reunion. This is where I discovered that the plan is that Linda Lou should stay in the rehab wing for TWO MORE WEEKS!!! Holy crows, I knew it was a bad break but two more weeks? Anybody know of a nice chubby girl whose hobbies are housecleaning and kinky sex?

The good news is that the county has a program to send someone out to handicap-ize the house, they'll raise a toilet and put grab rails on, and fix grab bars for the tub, plus put in a ramp. That will help a bunch.

Meanwhile I have no idea persactly how I'm going to be buying gas for daily visits to the hospital, some sixty+ miles round trip per day, we have been budgeting a tank and a half of gas a month lately. Well, I will figure something out.

Anyhow, Linda Lou is already working with the physical terrorists in the new wing, something over three hours today and this was a Saturday. I believe the pace will pick up during the week. She says she'll work extra hard so she can come home and torment me. All I know is that I'm plumb wore out from all this. As soon as she's healed I'm going to collapse and be bedridden for a month or so.

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