Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home With The Armadillos

It was The Big Day. I started by doing just enough last minute housework to keep Linda Lou from killing me over the state of the house and, remember, we keep house with a long handled pitchfork. Then I finally went out and cleaned the inside of the windshield with Windex, I just couldn't stand it any more.

I got to the hospital right about the time Linda Lou told me to be there, only to discover I was late. Marriage is one of the few institutions where a man can get in trouble for doing exactly as he is told. Once I got there I started thanking Heaven that I had been bringing the laundry home every visit. I made the mistake of taking Linda Lou everything she asked for, forgetting how she takes four suitcases on an overnight trip. Plus one pair of clean socks for me. Anyhow a nice nurses aide (they have a different title now which I disremember) brought me a cart and, eventually, I got everything loaded and on the elevator and down I went, Linda Lou following in her wheelchair.

I simply cannot say enough about the many acts of kindness and caring by the whole staff of Hunt County Memorial Hospital. They have been simply wonderful and I shall go to my grave thanking them. I also have a little something to say about "America's unaffordable and inferior medical system." Now I know that Michelle O. spent a lot of time making good money steering the poor away from what is alleged to be a first class hospital up there in Chicago but then, from what I've read, there is nothing at all honest or first class in that whole county.

Down here in Texas a lower middle class woman can break a couple of bones on the 24th of February and stay in the hospital until the 12th of March, mainly getting physical therapy until she can work her way about the house, unassisted by anything but her walker, which was paid for by our insurance.(along with everything else, so far.

So, after all the loading of baggage and Linda Lou into the car we had to wend our way home. First stop was the prescriptions at Wally World, since she needed them today we got one of the electrical carts for her to sit in and it must have been a Toyota. Every time she pushed the button the wrong way it went backwards instead of forwards or vice versa. Imagine that. She eventually got it straight in her head though. Meanwhile I got milk and such, plus a few of those big Marie Callender's Pot Pies. From there it was over to Brookshires, which for some reason I still call Minyards, they are each medium sized supermarkets which are usually more expensive than Wally World but they have good sales. I bought a couple more of their angus Beef Top Sirloin Steaks for the freezer plus four boxes of maple sausage links and somne pints of ice cream, all on sale.

Lastly a quick stop for Linda Lou's cheeseburger and Tots, another stop to pay the water bill and home! The very start of getting from the car to the house was made more difficult than it should have been by all the rain we've been having, the ground was soft and the "feet" of the walker were trying to sink. then, as I had feared, the ramp is too steep. We finally got Linda Lou's four wheeled walker that she bought some time back, mainly so she always would have a place to sit on trips, onto the ramp, she backed up and sat down and with her pushing with her good foot and me pulling, got her to the deck and then we got her other walker and into the house. Well, except we had to open the door to an hysterical Bingo. Pug. Ming the Merciless just laid in her little doggie bed and barked until Linda Lou was in her chair and had her in her lap. Meanwhile I brought the groceries and some of the luggage in, the rest can sit in the car until I bring it in.

Anyhow, it was an adventure but we've got her home. Thank you Hunt County Memorial and thank you, Lord.

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