Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Training Day.

Well, today I have to go back to the hospital without any of the dogs. It's the day the Physical Terrorists are going to be teaching Linda Lou to get from the walker into the van so that she will be able to come home Friday.

Please forgive me if today's post is a little disjointed...I took my today's morning pills last night instead of my night time pills. Then when I woke up and wondered what was wrong I noticed it and then stayed up for an hour or three, and took my night time pills without the sleep aid and antidepressants which also help me to sleep.

It was an adventure last night, I stopped and bought a shower transfer bench yesterday and, when I got it home, discovered that the assembly directions were written by Latvians, then translated into Chinese by someone only casually familiar with each language, then translated from the Chinese into English by a Turk who was unfamiliar with Chinese. There were, perhaps, some Urdu speakers involved.

Anyhow, an easy, fifteen minute job took an hour and a week's ration of ugly words, with the dogs hiding. Well, CAP was out in the backyard being a Mud Monster. Bingo, though, may have been abused or maybe he's just sensitive. Whenever I raise my voice he is sure he's done something awful and hides from the coming punishment. In his whole life with us he's never once been hit with anything although I've threatened him with a map of Colorado. And maybe Nebraska, I have a map of Nebraska that I've paddled CAP a few times. They pay attention when you tell 'em they're gonna get beat with Nebraska!

The ramp is built. Trouble is, I think it may be too steep. I do believe, though, that I can take a few more boards and tie it together to make the ramp five or, maybe, ten feet longer with would lesson the angle. This will be a fairly easy job, run some 2x4s underneath to tie the two sections together and, viola! A longer ramp, less steep. Until then, I'll have to stand behind and push or, going down, stand in front of and brake. While all of this goes on I'll try to be too polite to mention that none of all this would be needed had she only not tripped over thin air in an empty hallway.

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