Thursday, November 08, 2007


I've noticed that the Dems are all up in the air over waterboarding again. I don't understand. From what I have read we've only waterboarded three people lately, all done by the CIA and none since 2003.

Now, excuse me for being a poor dumb redneck but wasn't the CIA still being run by that Democrat-appointed George Tenet back then? Now I don't particularly care if we waterboard a few AlQ types, for all of me we can gouge out their gonads and make them eat them, but then I am not real fond of those who would put my granddaughter in a burqua. However I am aware that a lot of folks don't agree. Or is it that they just don't agree when there is a Republican in the White House?

Anyway, here is my proposal: Every time someone starts screeching about torture we agree how horrible it was that the Clinton appointed Director of the CIA used to allow it but now that Bush has his man in the office that it is all over.

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