Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doggie Friday.

The dogs were having a feeding frenzy, Daddy had a BOWL! Did you know that dogs just love instant vanilla pudding?

I've read that any reference to Ron Paul will drive up traffic for a blog. Now I am not really a Ron Paul expert, Ron Paul comes from the Houston area. Houston is where God would apply the deodorant. Now Ron Paul is not the reason I don't go to Houston for free. I don't go there because big cities suck, I do not think that is Ron Paul's fault. I do not think that Ron Paul helps, though.

Now if Ron Paul came by the house, Ming would bark at Ron Paul. Eddie would jump in Ron Paul's lap. CAP would sniff at Ron Paul's crotch. CAP sniffs every one's crotch, Ron Paul would be no exception. Linda Lou says that it is because CAP's nose is right at Ron Paul's crotch level.

Now if anyone is interested, I don't have anything against Ron Paul except Ron Paul's stance on the war. Now I have no problem with someone being against this war, the thing is Ron Paul is being dishonest about it. Now Congress approved the "use of force". Ron Paul says that we need a declaration of war. I hate to break the bad news to Ron Paul and the Ron Paul supporters but there is no wording required for it to be a declaration of war. Once Congress approved the use of force, that is all that was needed.

Ron Paul should read the Constitution.

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