Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trip To The Vet

Today we had to take Eddie T. Dog to the vet for his annual shots. It's hard to believe we've had him well over a year. Or has he had us?

Awk! We got Eddie in late July of '06. I should have written something. Oh well, nobody tell Eddie and Ming,

We took Cochise' Apache Princess along because we had run out of Heartworm Medication for them and I needed to have them weigh her. The heart worm pills are taken according to weight. Eddie is twenty five pounds now, that's just about the right weight for a near-grown Pug.

We bought enough heartworm pills to last until February, six for CAP and a dozen for the Pugs...$238.00. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT DOLLARS! Eighteen pills. Holy Crows. We spent only about twenty bucks more for a water heater. That's the good news, the bad news is that it will be a week or more before we get the water heater installed. The fellow that is going to help me is in the middle of remodeling a bathroom.

What we are doing is turning the water off at the meter and only turning it on twice a day and filling gallon jugs for general use. So far it's working. It does remind me of living a hundred and thirty years ago.

Oh, CAP now weighs sixty and a half pounds, she will be nine months old a week from tomorrow. I don't think she will get much taller than she is now but I believe she will get about twenty pounds heavier before she is through growing. She is a lot skinnier than the other German Shepherds I've lived with. She is like teenagers used to be, all feet and appetite. Oh yeah, and ears.

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