Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Information

More information about Jena Louisiana is trickling out, not from the driveby media of course, they have their story and are sticking to it. It seems that the kids who strung those nooses said, and the school board believed them, that those nooses had nothing to do with race. It seems that it was a football deal, the team that they were about to play was named The Cowboys and the nooses were an old west thing.

Now I can believe that, my Cowboy Action Shooting Club has a gallows as one of the stages. We shoot from off and around it. See the picture. Note that none of the people in that picture are wearing white, pointy hoods and freshly laundered bedding.

I have never heard anyone go near our gallows and suddenly holler "let's go oppress black people!", including the occaisional black "cowboy".

Oh and sort of off the subject but not really, the cattle drives of 1866-1880 or so? About one quarter to one third of those cowboys driving those herds were black. Much of the trouble in those Kansas cowtowns was because the "Yankee" Kansans didn't want much to do with the integrated cowboys. Oh, and Brown vs Board of Education? Topeka, Kansas.

So, there is a lot more to Jena that meets the eye. That poor innocent kid that got fifteen years from the all white jury? Was that four cases of assault that he already had? Oh and would the jury have been all white if the black people had answered the jury summons?

Now, I don't know, I've seen cases where black kids have gotten the book thrown at them for minor fights while white kids got a talking to, but I've also seen a ton of thugs get away with things until nobody could ignore it anymore. Whichj is it this time? We don't know and the media won't tell us.

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