Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Josiah's First Birthday Party

So we drove up to Plano yesterday to Josiah Dean's first birthday party. I don't exactly know what a one year old thinks about a birthday party, he seemed to be sightly nervous about the whole thing.

His big brother, who will turn five on New Year's Eve and his friends all enjoyed it. Except that William was slightly disappointed that none of those gifts were his. A near five year old is a natural Democrat, everything is about him.

Hunting season is here, Dove season to be exact. Now to get to Plano from my place, I take county roads and Farm To Market Roads until I hit Rockwall, Texas on Interstate 30, then I drive on Interstates the rest of the way. I moved up to North Texas in '74. Back then there was quite a bit of distance between the smaller towns surrounding Dallas, now it is wall to wall suburbs. I drove through miles and miles of prime dove hunting territory. Now built up, the hunting gone.

Meanwhile the press is lamenting the drop in the number of hunters, well, duh. The less land for hunting, the more expensive the cost to lease some land to hunt on.
I remember when day leases for bird hunting was well under five bucks a day for some pretty good land. I don't know how I'm going to teach these boys to hunt. When I was a boy the most common sight in the world was a boy or three on bicycles with .22s or single shot shotguns, usually with a dog running alongside.

Now they'd call the SWAT Teams. For that matter, how many kids ride bikes unsupervised anymore?

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