Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cochise' Apache Princess turned Eight Months Old

So I was wishing to be up in DC with the Gathering of Eagles, instead I was down here in Texas celebrating CAP's eight month B'day. Actually if the truth were known I would suspect that most of the guys and gals at the GoE would have rather been with some good dogs instead of near those protesters. Or cats. Or hyenas, jackals and buzzards.Or leeches and cockroaches or...what? Oh, sorry, I digress.

So I finally finished the last Harry Potter. Somehow, because I was retired I got to see if the first one was grandchild safe and got interested in Harry and Hermoine, Ron and the rest of that crowd. At any rate I finished the series and judge that it is granchild safe, with the following caveat. The series starts with Harry at age eleven or so, and goes with the main charecters aging a year per book. I would not suggest that this series go to a child much younger than the main charecters in each voluume.

In other news I've been rereading some old handloading books, the other month I got an E-mail wanting some information so I had to dig through the library. It is amazing the differences in the last forty years or so. It was "just yesterday" that The Answer to bluesuits being outgunned by criminals was the .41 Magnum. Now it is known that the only police problem the .41 solved was that it was heavy enough to solve the lack of backaches cause by gunbelts being too light.

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