Monday, November 07, 2005

Not Much Going On

Not a heckuva lot going on right now, mostly just waiting for Linda Lou's last day at the Postal Service so we can start that loooong vacation. Tomorrow is primary election day down here, we'll be votin' on the Governor, I'm voting for Rick Perry. Carol Keating Rylander might have got my vote but her radio commercials have been so annoying.

The big deal is the marriage amendment in the State Constitution. I'm voting for it. Oddly, if there was a state constitutional amendment being voted on to allow some form of civil union, I'd most likely vote for that, too. What I don't want is some bunch of judges deciding for me based on some odd emanation of a penumbra in the constitution that nobody has seen in all these years. It's kind of like the sodomy statutes. When the Constitution was ratified there were still jurisdictions that executed gays, none of the framers said anything. Then a bit over two hundred years later, it's a right, there it is! Right there in the Constitution! Actually, the Constitution is written in fairly simple English, I'm rather tired of having some Judge having to interpret it for me.

My new revolver is at the gunsmith, having an action job. My other Single Action Army is in pieces on this very desk, getting the chambers of the cylinder polished. This is one of those deals that cost a bunch of money, for no good reason. All one has to do is chuck a cleaning brush into the electric drill, put a cleaning patch over the brush and put a dollop of Flitz metal polish on the patch. I also must do this on the double barrel 12 gauge so the cases fall free there, too. Actually, there is a good reason this operation costs money, when we hire a gunsmith we hire his whole shop for as long as that operation takes. It costs almost nothing to polish the chambers myself. Once that is done the empties just fall out, without using the ejector rod.

I've loaded some two hundred rounds of light .38 loads with a different bullet, a 158 grain round nosed flat point. Hopefully that will take care of my problems with my carbine. The semiwadcutters gave a lot of trouble feeding that last match.

The .45 loads are going to be the light Tite Group loads. I'll go back to the black powder once I'm a little more used to the course of fire.

I'm going to shoot factory shotshell loads my next couple of matches, I have a batch of black powder loads in the old-time brass cases, I'm gong to carry them around in my new guncart and see if this new glue holds the overshot wads in place. If it does, I'll try them, if not I'll figure something else out What I'm not going to do is stand there at the firing point looking at the birdshot running out the end of my barrels anymore.

With a little bit of luck I'll have everything together, with a little extra ammo, to carry out to Arizona in December. There are some clubs out there with some awfully good shooters, if I make it to some of those shoots I should be able to learn a lot.

Well, Linda Lou is too lazy to cook tonight, she wants a Sonic burger. So, off I go..

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