Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cowboy Action Shoot

I went to my first ever Cowboy Action Shooting Match yesterday.
I've no idea why these pictures are below the text.

At any rate, I've a lengthy set of lessons learned, number one is to try to find some suspenders for my gunbelt. Since I have no hips or butt, it's difficult to keep a belt with two revolvers, thirty-five rounds of .45 ammo and six rounds of twelve gauge from pulling my trousers off.

Another lesson is that I need to redo the kind of glue that holds the top wad in my brass shotshells. There isn't much fun in shooting at a target when all the birdshot has run down the barrel and all over the floor. I lost the shot of ten of my shotshells, fortunately I caught some of those before I tried to shoot 'em. Fortunately, I wasn't quite sure about those shotshells so I had a box of factory rounds along. Unfortunately, I didn't think to try them until the last stage. Oh, well.

I also had no round nosed bullets for my little .357 Marlin Carbine. it's primary use is as a house defense gun and I'd neglected to buy some lead round nosed flat points. That little carbine does not feed the lead semi-wadcutter bullets at all well.

My old .45 shot just fine, the new one needs a little action job, the trigger pull is awful and it has a hich in the cocking.

The important thing, though is that I had no safety violations, I did not shoot myself or anyone else. I can build on that.

Anyone interested can see the smoke from the black powder in my loads. It was a beautiful day with the breeze directly behind so the smoke driffed free.

I do beleve that I'll shoot my next few matches with smokeless powder loads and do a little practice with black powder, until I'm used to the drill.

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