Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Big Surprise.

I went out and voted yesterday, just like I had intended. I don't know how I got it into my head that the voting for the State Primaries was yesterday, that is in the Spring. By the way, the woman running against Perry for Governor is named Strahorn, not quite sure how she spells it. She was a Rylander a marriage or so back. I don't know who is advising her, the election is months away, each of her campaign commercials is more annoying than the last one. We've had months of her commercials already, each tells us that she is one tough granmaw and some alleged miscue by Perry, the Gov we have now. I could give a rat's patootie how tough a granmaw she is, it's been some decades since the Governor of a State has actually had to whup somebody.

Had some minor errands to run afterwards and during them I dropped into Koenig's Gunshop in Terrel to check on the progress on the action job of my new revolver. It was promised to be ready this coming Friday and I was going to jog their memory a little in hopes of having the job done in time to go to the Cowboy Action Shoot this coming Sunday.

Imagine my amazement when they told me that my shootin' iron was already finished. Even more amazing is that the job came through at the quoted cost! Now you non-gunnies or new gunnies out there might be going ho-hum over this, let me put this into perspective. A gunsmith is very much like an auto mechanic, no job ever happens on time or on budget, period. It's just an automatic assumption to add at least half of the quoted price and a week or more to the time period. I had actually no expectation to go the this Sunday's shoot unless I borrowed the second gun. I was only really hoping to make the shoot on the last Saturday of the month.

The creep is out of the trigger and the hammer is nice and smooth coming to full cock. He swears that he did nothing to the weight of the trigger pull, it sure does FEEL lighter.

In other good news my two pair of suspenders came in the mail. I ran some leather thongs through the buttonholes on one pair and now I have suspenders for my gunbelt. Now, Linda Lou offered to give me a few inches of her surplus hips and butt, trouble is, I don't think we can afford a whole wardrobe of new trousers, though. So, I'll just see how these work, if they work well I'll take the gunbelt to the Mesquite Saddle and Shoe Repair Shop and have the Chinaman sew some suspender buttons on the rig. I'm ordering some old west type trousers tomorrow and a duster coat, too. I want to order the coat before the sale is over.

I also have to see if my new guncart will fit into the back of my car, it fits easily into the back of Linda Lou's minivan, we'll see how it fits into the back of my PT Cruiser.

If anyone cares, it's Linda Lou and my anniversary tomorrow. Yes, we got married on the birthday of the US Marine Corps, she wanted an anniversary that I couldn't forget. Pray for war.

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