Monday, November 14, 2005

Gunbelt Suspenders And Guncarts.

I forgot my camera yesterday so we snapped a few pictures when I got home from the cowboy action match. I almost had a top ten, until the eleventh person showed up. It was a smaller crowd, about thirty-five people.

My gunbelt suspenders worked. exactly as I'd hoped. Of course if I didn't have that giant gut pushing everything down it would be a different story.

Here is a picture of my guncart with my shotgun and my Marlin .357 Mag Carbine.

For some reason George has decided we need a giant hole in the yard, near the front steps. I swear I'm gonna break my leg stepping in that hole. Had to get a dog, couldn't get a nice guppy.

Anyhow my second cowboy match went a lot smoother, only two embarrassing mistakes. Somehow I loaded one of my revolvers with four, rather than five rounds on one stage and I forgot the sequence I was supposed to be shooting the rifle targets on another stage. I still have a lot to learn in this sport. The hard part is that each stage, or set of targets , has a different way that the targets are engaged.

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