Sunday, July 24, 2005

That Explains Everything.

We now know that the feller who's head that the Brit Police ventilated, Jean Charles de Meneze, was Brazilian. That explains everything. As we all are well aware, Brazilians always wear heavy clothes during the summer, just see the women on the beach at Ipanema.

It turns out that police followed de Meneze from a house they had under surveillance in connection with the tube and bus bombings. The relatives claim that de Meneze spoke excellent English, so there is no reason for him to not have followed instructions.

I've seen a few people complaining that those Police Officers shouldn't have been in plainclothes and that de Meneze had reason to run from armed people. I don't buy that, it's hard enough to follow a suspect in plainclothes, virtually impossible in uniform. Especially with those tall hats that Brits wear.

Nobody, least of all the Officer(s?) that fired the shots, is happy about this, not even me. Even though I still think of this whole affair as a bit of Clorox in the gene pool, I don't really advocate the death penalty for stupidity.

I submit that there are a lot of unanswered questions about de Meneze's conduct. Let's start with what he was doing wearing a heavy coat and sweater. Why was he coming out of that building? Did he always wear those heavy clothes? Was he from that area of Brazil that I hear is filling up with radical Islamists?

I'm still thinking that de Meneze was, willingly or unwittingly, a decoy.

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