Friday, July 01, 2005

Help! Beeswax Wads In Black Powder Cartridges.

My first attempt at loading black powder cartridges in the .45 Colt was a mixed affair. They all went BOOM! The accuracy wasn't too bad but the grooves in the bullets don't hold enough of the SPG lube to keep the black powder fouling soft enough to where the cylinder of my revolver will turn after a few shots. I haven't heard of the winning shooters in the Cowboy Action Matches having to stop and take their shootin' irons apart and clean the face of their cylinders in the middle of a stage. Seems I should be getting at least a full gunfull before the cylinder starts dragging.

I've read that a 'grease cookie' placed between a beeswax over-powder wad and a card wad under the bullet will cure the problem. So, I've ordered a block of beeswax but the trouble is, I know nothing about working with the stuff. Here are my questions...
I just melt it in a double boiler and then pour it into a cake pan to get a sheet, right? How thick? Is there anything I have to do to keep the beeswax from sticking to the pan? Do I need a layer of wax paper or some of that dry silicon spray that people use on candle moulds?

It looks like all I have to do is take a thin sheet of beeswax, small enough to be able to handle, press it over the charged case, using the case like a cookie cutter and then push it the rest of the way down with the same little piece of dowel rod that I push the card wad down, then put the glob of bullet lube in, add the card wad and seat the bullet.

Is there anything I'm missing? I mean besides the good sense to use smokeless powder and avoid the whole mess?

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