Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another Fatwah From The Fatheads

In a rather interesting development it seems that some of our brethren from the Religion Of Pieces have declared a Fatwah demanding the killing of fellow Carnival of the Cordite contributor Chris in Phoenix. His Blog is titled Anarchangel.
The link, assuming I can get it right is here.

I've been following this a little and there seems to be a few different schools of thought. My friend Gullyborg, whom I've yet to meet in person, is taking this seriously. You can read his reaction here.

There seems to be another school of thought that this is a hoax. I don't believe that is the case, after all, a hoax would have a pretty short shelf life and, when exposed, would completely discredit Chris, probably forever. There is the possibility, of course, that the fatheads issuing this fatwah have neither the authority to do so nor means to carry it out. I wouldn't bet the farm on that, though It seems like just about the only requirement for the issuing of fatwahs is that some moose-limb has a grievance. I'm told that there is a minimum number of goats molested before one gathers the authority to issue fatwahs but I may be wrong there.

The third school of thought seems to be that Chris brought it on himself by desecrating a q'ran. I'm not inclined to either capitalize nor call it holy. From what I've seen Chris decided, when that phony Newsweak story about q'ran desecration in Gitmo came out, to show them some REAL desecration. At the time I thought it was kind of juvenile, but that's just me. Chris is fairly young anyway and one kind of expects that young folks would do juvenile things.

What I don't get is how these moose-limbs seem to think that it's fine for them to issue dire threats, and carry them out, every time their precious little sensibilities are offended. Every time I see the news, some moose-limb is offending me. I don't go 'round killing them, though I've certainly got the ability. I'd probably run up quite a little score before I was stopped, and not by the moose-limbs, either. We aren't at the point where ordinary citizens have to start a moose-limb eradication project, it is my hope that we won't reach that point.

I read an interesting piece by Lee Harris in Tech Central Station last week. Unfortunately I can't find the link, due to my well known status as one who is severely html challenged. In it, he declares that the "war" status is, perhaps, the wrong way to look at the fight between western civilization, or what's left of it, and radical Islam. Instead it's more a matter of a blood feud, a Hatfield and McCoy sort of affair. Or maybe the Crips and the Bloods. If anyone reading this (all three of you) can find that link and put it in the comments, I'd owe them one.

This may be an important distinction since the participants in a war usually have some idea of what they're trying to accomplish and will stop when they've reached their goals or figure out that they can't. Assume, for a moment, that I were King. No, don't curl up in a fetal position, it ain't gonna happen, just go with me here. I'm the King and I want to invade Mexico so I can control the Tequila Mines of the fabled city of Cuervo. The Mexicans defeat my army short of that goal and defend the Tequila Mine so well that my generals tell me that we'll never get there. Since the goal of my war is unattainable, I sue for peace and the war ends. The other alternative is that I win and Mexico sues for peace and learns to live without those fabulous Tequila Mines. One way or the other, the war is over.

Not so with a blood feud. There is only one goal in a blood feud, revenge. Each side has, as it's only goal, the killing of the other clan. A clan member doesn't have to be doing anything to be a target, he or she just has to be. Each attack adds to the feud and it usually goes on until one or the other clans is killed out. There's not a whole lot of possibility for peace because there are no goals but killing. The only way, short of death of one side or the other, to end a blood feud is for the moderate members of both clans to cast out the feudists. Failing that, the moderates must pick up the gun for, if they don't, they die.

Lee Harris' scenario is quite bleak. We so no effort whatsoever of moderate moose-limbs to cast out their feudists. This bodes ill for the moose-limbs for while their feudists are certainly bloodthirsty, they're amateurs when it comes to killing. It bodes especially ill for moose-limbs here in America, not only aren't they paricularly good at killing but they are a small and visible minority. The vast majority of Americans, myself included, have no hate for Islam and no particular love, either. What we do love are our friends and families, and our country. As long as Islam left us alone we were, and are, quite content to leave them be. Endanger my family, though and I'll do whatever it takes to stop you. If it were some of the Bloods threatening threatening my family and I didn't know which ones, everybody flying the red colors would be my enemies. And my targets.

This is the problem that the oft-heard of but seldom seen moderate Muslims face. The clock is ticking. Either they cast out their killers or, eventually, it will be too dangerous to let them live among us. When that day comes, if it comes, it would be well to understand that today's world is one where "among us" means on this planet.

UPDATE: 07/20/05. Please note that Harvey, the original Bad Example, found the link to the Lee Harris article. It's in the comments, the second one. Whether one agrees, or disagrees, it's an important piece and should be considered very carefully. While there is no one I agree with a hundred percent of the time, Harris has a first rate mind and a very good eye.

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