Saturday, July 23, 2005

Carnival of the Cordite #23

The Carnival of the Cordite is up at But That's Just My Opinion.

Lot's of gunny goodness and an important WARNING TO HANDLOADERS. Seems that a batch of Alliant's Bullseye smokeless powder got put into the wrong eight pound cannisters. A small number (?) of eight pound cannisters of Unique Powder actually contain Bull. Using Unique data for Bull can easily result in a KABOOM! Lot numbers involved are 850, 859, 861, 868, 872, 876, 890, 898 and 907. Anyone having any of the eight pound cannisters of these lots should call 1-800-276-9337 or E-mail: Thank you Mr. Completely. Those of you who have no idea what lot numbers are nor what Unique and Bullseye are, well, you don't handload ammo so don't worry about it. Unless, of course, you shoot commercially reloaded ammo. If you do, it might not hurt to make contact with the outfit that made those reloads and ask them if they're involved in that recall. The smaller commercial reloaders do use the eight pound cannisters, the really big outfits buy their powder by the drum. Of course the factories buy it by the boxcar load.

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