Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Winchester 92 Short Rifle

In the spring Maria Isabella and I decided to take a trip, she had some surgery coming up and, at our age such things are always a crapshoot so we wanted a fling, just in case. So we took a drive out to Grand Junction, Colorado with a stop in Dodge City on the waay. We first stopped in Dodge city, it looked nothing like the set in Gunsmoke. I guess Climate Change has made the difference.

The main purpose of the trip was to look at a rifle we wanted to buy, a little Winchester model 2 short rifle, the takedown model.  We drove out, looked at it, shot it and then, when we got home, jumped through all the hoops and bought it. It is one of the new ones built in Japan in the .45 Colt cartridge, something that Winchester never did from 1892 to 1942 during the original run of these rifles and carbines. Notice that it has the rifle buttplate and the octagonal barrel.

 When we left Grand Junction we drove to Denver and saw one of Maria's brothers, then wnded our way toward home, slowly. We spent a night in a postage stamp sized room just inside Kansas and then saw Hays, drove into Wichita, spent the night and saw the old cowtown there. Then we stopped and bought a hatand a couple of oversized bandannas at a hat and westernwear shop, plus a pie safe and shoe shine bucket at an antique shop.

 It was a fun trip, even though no one in Dodge City ever could explain why a US Marshall was throwing the town drunk in jail. We spent my birthday there and every time I turned around Izzy was making total strangers sing happy birthday to me. By the time my birthday was over I wanted a divorce and we weren't even married yet. My next birthday we are not leaving the house.


Tom S. said...

Enjoyed the posts Pete!

Maya Alexander said...

It was fun reading.
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DaisyParker said...

This may be the best tantrum.
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