Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is This Worth Reviving?

 Hello, world. I've been out of pocket for almost two years now, recovering from my late wife's death.I'm wondering if this blog is worth trying to revive or if, perhaps I should start a new one or just keep on with Facebook with family.

 Those who have been through this know just how depressing loss of a spouse is. I will not claim any great strength but I did manage to avoid drink and drugs, that might count for a little something. I can only credit a loving and benevolent God.

 In the Spring of 14 I started digging my way out of the hole. First thing I did was go buy a Pug puppy that helped me get out of myself a little. Then I joined a couple of Internet dating sites, nothing much came of it for a while until the Fall of '14 when I met a lady. The first thing she did was force me to get off the dime and go see my Congresscritter about why my VA pension was still in limbo after over two years.

 Next thing I knew I had 100% VA disability pension sitting in my bank account, backdated. So, she took some of it and bought us a Sharps buffalo gun. So I did the only thing I could think to do, I married her. Any woman that can buy a Sharps is a definite keeper.

So, now we're looking for a new, improved Resume Speed, Texas, one with room to shoot a big rifle. We may have found it, thirteen acres with a house, barn and stock pond.

 The top picture is us in the Long Branch Saloon in Doge City on a late spring trip.

 So, I'm wanting to start writing some. Should I stick with Facebook? Start a new blog or try to revive this one?  There will be lots of adventures, learning to load a real buffalo gun cartridge with black powder and lead bullets, other things like moving.


Pamela Bobik said...

A good question, one which I'm pondering myself. I hope to always be able to read your writings. :)

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