Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is Anyone Out There?

 I'm still wondering if it's worth trying to revive this blog. Once upon a time there was a Site Meter and I could see that a few people read this thing. Seems the dog ate Site Meter and so that's gone, and there are no comments, so, is this worth the effort?


Pamela Bobik said...

Well, it's Blogger, so if you don't feel like posting for awhile, don't. Or vice-versa. It's not going away. ;)

Dave in the Northeast said...

I have learned some things from your posts, and wondered whether you would be back.
Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pete! Packy here.

I say, if you enjoy it, if it's still fun, why not?

The last time I thought to look you up, the most recent
post was a couple of years old. Now -- boom! -- several
days in a row.

Say, about ten years ago, Peter VanB. tracked me down
looking for you. Did he reach you?

If you've got nothing better to do, I stuck some pics up
on PhotoBucket.com under the name UnclePatso. The eBay
album is boring but there are some less boring ones in
the other two albums.

Since the news got out about my condition, have heard from
Bill Gordon, Dan Poe, Chris Erickson and you -- regular
Old Home Week.

Oops! This started out as a comment on your blog post and
turned into a letter. Oh well, what the heck. Gotta go
rustle up some breakfast. Be seein' ya!

P. L.
[Hope this is not a duplicate...]

Marshall Thompson said...


I have been a lurker for several years and have really enjoyed your firearms related topics. These have definitely been missed during your "pause" in posting. I suspect you have a lot more experience and knowledge to share with us in this area, so I say keep on posting whenever the mood hits you. Also, your wry comments on the current administration (?cabal?) in Washington are enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

Another lurker guilty of being silent.

Just to let you know that I have been a regular reader.
Keep the faith.

George said...

I'm a GIBBS nut! Want to converse???

Geo said...

Do U have a phone number to chat? I'm not a computer wiz.

Geo said...

Rocky's favorite!!! 270 GIBBS (A robot would not know this)

Geo said...

6.5 GIBBS a must

Geo said...

Penna is GIBBS country. (I have an RCBS die Rocky cut!!! I only let a select few touch it!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and like what I've read. If you post more, I'll be back.

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Dave Mansfield said...

Just found your site, don't give up now.

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