Friday, July 05, 2013

Back To Going To Meetings.

 It's been a while but I am back going to meetings, early in sobriety I was told that when one hits a rough patch, one should double up on AA meetings, so, there I was. Of course, some of the folks there don't really believe that someone with nearly twenty-eight years would still need support. Then I drove home at shortly after nine PM, didn't have it in me to stop near the lake and watch the fireworks, just drove home, picked up Bingo T. Pug, aka Lt. Commander Fatboy and went in and got online.

 I have all of Linda Lou's clothes out of the big closet, and dunno what I'm gonna do with all that room. And am slowly moving all my socks and underwear out of the two bottom drawers into the whole Chester Drawers.Funny, I have T shirts that haven't been worn in multiple years. I do need to got to the Gold Toe sock store and pick up some more of those almost knee length boot socks.  It's been almost ten years since I bought two bags of six pair each and the elastic is starting to give out. Those white cotton boot socks are the very best socks for those who wear boots.

 Meanwhile I'm doing my best to load up a bunch of .38 and .357 ammo to send to North Carolina with the kids, they are going to caravan in two cars to see the number two boy and his family. Number two boy already has my old Marlin 1894C .357 carbine and the kids are taking Linda Lou's Model 60 S&W .38. I have five hundred ca'tridge cases cleaned up and primed, now all I gotta do is load 'em up.

 I also have to write to get my DD214 and see if I can get a little help from the VA for the Peter's Semi-Portable Pharmacy. Since my insurance has changed my monthly ton o' pills has gone from around seventy-five dollars to nearly four hundred. For this I thank Obamacare.  I'm kind of used to politicians lying but to have this abortion of a bill called the "Affordable Care Act" is a new low even for Democrats.


vwbug said...

Hugs and hope you get it all sorted out. This new medical care is driving me to bankrupcy... ugh...

B said...

Dude, I am thinking of you daily...

I tried to find an email address for you, but there is none that I can find on your page.

Send me an email please. Themiddleoftheright AT Gmale.


pamibe said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers, Peter.

You should be able to walk into a VA clinic, if not go to the nearest VA hospital -but goodness knows where one would be; I think that's why they've opened up all the clinics- to get help.

You served, you deserve your country's support!

Mrs. Who said...

Yes, do what Pam said. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.