Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stupid Computer

 Still haven't figured out why my computer won't start. I found one of the "F" keys , either F8, F9 or F10 that lets me run a bazillion different tests but, so far, the thing keeps going "Your computer restarted unexpectedly, click okay to continue installing Windows" So I click okay and then the same thing happens.

 Oh well, I'm going to keep running tests and maybe one will do the trick. Each test takes about one of the skinny Louis L'Amour books. Trouble is, I can't tell one test from another, I may be running the same one over and over, kind of like what the infernal machine is doing to me.

 I have things I'd want to say about what is going on in the country but well. all I really know is we must throw out this clown car regime this fellow Barry is allegedly running. He's a mouthpiece for Jarret and SHE has Soros' hand so far up her butt that he makes her lips move by wiggling his fingers.

 Well, Tuesday is our last chance, I don't think we will have anything left after four more years of this crowd. I don't think they want anything left but helpless peasants begging for alms.


pamibe said...

It's going to be a long weekend. I unplugged the phone last night, don't know when it'll be plugged back in. Between the individual campaigns, RNC and pollsters it's non-stop.

You can't get into the Bios as the PC is booting? Or is it running the test in the Bios?

Wish we lived closer, Mike would fix it for you. :(

Peter said...

I'm ready for Fedex!