Wednesday, November 07, 2012

They Asked For It, We Got It.

  The small enclaves that run the country got uncontrollable power yesterday. We will see that red-blue map of the counties, nationwide for a while. As long as it takes for another "Justice" or two to be nominated by our new President For Life. He will appoint a few more "Czars" and pass a bunch more Executive Orders and we will all become "citizens" like those in Staten Island.

 Congratulations, America. Every right you had as a citizen is now a privilege to be dispensed or withheld by a loving executive appointed by some faceless group in Washington.

 The EPA will bankrupt coal and strangle other useful forms of energy. Those so smart folks will do utterly stupid things like destroying the Hetchi Reservoir out in California and then wonder why San Francisco is out of water. We already see how some two inch minnow is far more important that the farms that supply so much of the world's fruits and vegetables. What are we going to eat? Who cares, the world is overcrowded.

 Happy on your private property? Remember Kelo. Think your gun will protect you? Remember George Zimmerman. Remember that the Second Amendment was affirmed by a five to four majority and we have some very old Justices on the Court who will be retiring (or dying) replacements nominated  by whom?

 The swarm of new taxes is coming, our medical system is now being destroyed and and there is nothing we can do about it. And now, there is no place for us to go. There is no Galt's Gulch. My grandchildren will see the destruction of America and there is no bet that the replacement will be an improvement.


pamibe said...

We had a good run... now the FREE STUFF folks have triumphed.

But don't give up. Never give up.

Anonymous said...

I am in mourning for our once great country. From now on, just think of me and mine. Be careful out there among the heathen majority.

Erinyes said...

I'm going Galt wherever possible. It's hard, still have to work the full time job for a check and taxes withheld...