Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Few Things I Wish I Was Smart Enough To Understand

Like most folks I've been trying to follow this Zimmerman-Martin mess. I do not know what happened through the whole thing from the time Zimmerman hung up until the eyewitness called the local bluesuits. I do know that there will likely be a few people go to the House of Many Slammers from paying attention to the leftist media (but I repeat myself). The left is still saying this case has something to do with the stand your ground law. They are saying Zimmerman was released from custody because he was allowed to shoot because he was afraid. I'm curious. What will happen when some poor sap who believes NBS or the New York Grimes and blows away someone on account of being afraid?

Anyhow stand your ground only says you do not have to retreat from somewhere you are lawfully, it says noting about laying on the ground getting your head bashed.

I read something from Mas Ayoob about how Zimmerman's pistol was found when it was examined by the police.Seems it had a full magazine and a fired round in the chamber. This pistol being a semi-auto there are only three reasons for it to be in this condition. One, the gun was in such bad repair that the slide would not function to eject the empty and chamber a new round. Possible but unlikely. The forensics lab would have fired a test round so that the various LEO Blogs would have said something. Ain't nobody gossips like cops.

Second possibility would be the gun was jammed so hard against Zimmerman's body (or ground) that the slide could not function. This is not a normal way to shoot, the only reason to try to fire a weapon like that is if there is a hand to hand struggle.

Third possibility? Someone had the slide in a firm grip. Now Zimmerman would not have tried to grab that gun and I have heard of no others there but Martin. These second to possibilities have me leaning towards Zimmerman's story but nobody really knows. Including Congressman Rush.

Much has been said and reams written about how poor young Mr. Martin would be alive today if only Zimmerman had done this, that or some other thing. No one has bothered mentioning that poor young Mr. Martin would also still be alive had he not gotten kicked out of school for a week or two. He would have been around a hundred miles away, well out of range of a 9mm.

I wish I were smart enough to know why the leftist media, there I go, repeating myself again, is shoveling out all this misinformation. Why is Congressman Rush and the Revrum Jackson and the rest of that crowd whipping folks up into such a frenzy? If this actually breaks into widespread violence, well, I've always tried real hard to not pick a fight when I'm outnumbered some eight to one. Can these clowns not count?

I could sort of understand trying to whip up the black vote for the election but how much do they gain if, at the same time they alienate the Hispanic vote. Eh, maybe Biden is advising them.

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pamibe said...

"Third possibility? Someone had the slide in a firm grip."


Hubby says that they're whipping everyone into a froth so the One can declare martial law and possibly remain in office... I don't know, but it smells like the rest of their diversionary tactics...