Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't Pay The Ransom, I Escaped!

 I'm recovering, slowly, from the three little surgical procedures. I'm to the point of having no pain some eighty percent of the time. I'm doing more "work" than I should really be doing but I keep looking around for someone else and, whoa! There's nobody else!

 The good news is that even lifting more than I should the surgeon says I'm healing nicely, even if my belly looks like I did ten rounds with Rocky Marciano.

 Later: Linda Lou woke up and chased me to bed, I had forgot we had to go to a northern suburb of Dallas for our grandson William's Blue and Gold Dinner. So I went to the kitchen and turned the crock pot off and put it in the fridge. I had this four and a quarter pound boneless chuck roast, complete with a big ol' mess of stew vegetables. It was to the point of coming apart with the big spoon so it ought to be just fine if I put it back on "warm" until suppertime. There I was, with a Lift limit" of five pounds, messing this this. Oh well, I'm a married man, an early death is my only hope.

 I'm kinda lucky today, I hurt myself a little wrangling grandsons at the B&G Bash. At the end they were giving the helium balloons out to the little kids, Josiah, Steph's middle boy, decided to run madly 'cross the room while looking at the balloon and ran into a chair with his knee and took a big tumble. I probably shouldn't have lifted him onto my lap. Oh well, I self-performed the "turn your head and cough" drill so beloved of recruits and nothing tore. Oh, and Josiah is okay after some grandfatherly cuddling and some Momma kissing it and making it well.

 So, anyhow, pot roast tonight and leftovers for a few days more. We took some cell phone pics and I hope some other pics will be mailed from the other participants.

 So, here I sit, long past a normal person's bedtime.  the short nap I took after we got home has worn out so...


vwbug said...

Get well and nice to see you posting.

pamibe said...

YAY! So glad you're better! {{Hug}}

commoncents said...

GLAD I found you blog! Keep up the great work!

Common Cents

Mrs. Who said...

*sigh* Men like you just don't know when to quit, especially when it's for someone else...

Our country needs men like that. Now, more than ever.

Glad you're healing!