Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cochise' Apache Princess And Bingo T. Pug

I don't have much to say. The Presidential Campaign has turned into a circular firing squad. Every one of these "debates" by the national "news" media is designed to give the Obama Campaign more ammunition.
At least Speaker Gingrich is fighting, I would hope that he'd learn that Mitt is not the enemy, Obama is. I realise that a candidate cannot go up against Obama until he has won the nomination but there has to be a better way to win the nomination than handing Obama ammunition.

 In local news I'm still fighting with the medications. The downside to messing around with trying this, that and the other thing is that each change takes some couple months to evaluate. So far the latest change seems to help clear up my thinking but has increased the tremors. Oh, and raised my blood pressure as one of the meds that we cut in half is a blood pressure med that "off lable" tends to help the tremors. Sigh. Anyhow we're working on it.

 And last, today: An open letter to Sarah Etheridge: Yes, Cochise Apache Princess is a half sister to your dog. Miss Priss is five years old and is from Cochise Apache War Chief and his Dam was Little Eagle. I'm not sure why you wish to speak with or (better yet, write me but I'm sure it will become clear if you do wite. I dunno what happened to the addy in my sidebar but, what the heck, it's:

 Please don't tell Bingo very much when you write, he doesn't know he's adopted.

 Just so you know, if you know anyone who would like a good girl dog, I would love to find a new home for Princess. I'm afraid that my health will no longer allow me to really work with her and she's pretty much lost her training.


pamibe said...

What beautiful furbabies! CAP is like Bree, elegant and noble! Wish I could photograph her in a bed of bluebonnets.

Hope you get your meds adjusted. It's an ongoing battle, I understand that, but it's the dadgum 21st century; you'd think they have a clue by now... ;)

Stay well, pal. {{Hug}}

Harvey said...

Don't worry overly much about the "Newt's handing Obama ammunition" thing.

I thought the same thing with Hillary & Barack battling all the way to the convention in 2008, but it turned out nobody remembered a word Hillary said by the time November rolled around.

Pre-convention chatter is ultimately as meaningless as Super Bowl pre-game chatter.

Sarah Etheridge said...

Are you in Texas?? I wrote to learn more about where he came from and more about his littermates. I thought for a moment that maybe you had his mom. Yes I would take her in a heartbeat!!!! Charlie is the best dog ever to come into my life and family. I know the breed and again, would get her in a heartbeat. Give me a call please? We will work something out. I'm excited. 903-617-3893