Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It doesn't help that my back has been hurting ever since I pulled Linda Lou up that way to steep ramp so she could come in the house. Not that I have ever particularly wanted a girl so skinny she could bathe in a shotgun barrel.

I have been just flat wore plumb to the bone since Linda Lou came home. Luckily we don't have a slew of kids still at home, just taking care of her and the dogs, plus me, is more than I cared for, really. Oh well, we do what we must, sometimes it's just more work than we expect. I keep reminding myself that someday the situation will be reversed.

Yesterday we got a visit from a county social worker, there will be a volunteer crew out soon to rebuild the ramp. She also checked to find out if Linda Lou's health insurance would rent her a wheelchair, which was delivered that same afternoon. All without that jug eared idiotic Chicago thug "helping". And Michelle didn't help push her from the real hospital to a "neighborhood clinic", either.

I really wish I could have gone to Washington, DC for that big shindig today but even without the broken bone issues, neither of my Senators, nor my House Rep did, or would, vote for this monstrosity. That's something.

Well, while I was whining about all my troubles, here on the blog, my Linda Lou got on her cell phone and made an appointment with her back doctor for me. So I see them day after tomorrow. Somehow that seems faster than under government run health care would be.

Anyhow, nothing much to say, I'm working my way through a mountain of laundry with Linda Lou's instructions. I do a lot better with her instructions but don't tell her that, she'd get the big head.

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