Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doctor Visits And Gun Shops, An Expensive Day.

Fun days yesterday and today. I started the day this that next visit with Lucy, my young and quite pretty family practice Doc, actually a physician's Assistant. Note to self, try nt to schedule anymore ( fasting) bloodwork visits for one fifteen in the afternoon. Lucy confirms what everyone but me things is my quick recovery for this stroke and how well my speech is coming back. So I guess it's just me that notices that I can talk for sour owlsh, um sour apples anymore well, at least this doctor visit I got to keep my trousers up. I got all my mountain of prescriptions redone and the blood drawn and we were out the door. Time for something to eat and shopping for a new revolvers. We don't often eat at Taco Bueno anymore since doing so seems to annoy the medics but there was one right near, fast and cheap......

First stop was Academy Sports and Outdoors, just because it was close, they had nothing I was shopping for, in and out, away in less than five minutes.

Next stop was B and S Gunshop, they had a few that looked interesting including one of the new Taurus Revolvers for $373.00. I filed that one away in my head for a closer look if the one at Cabella's wasn't acceptable. The iron was a five and one half inch barrel, matching my other revolver and while not quite as pretty was a nice looking piece. Still, the $289 price of the one at Cabella's was calling.

The next stop was closed on Mondays, so off we went through North Dallas on the LBJ Freeway. This road is well known for it's constant state of being under repair and a rush hour that lasts about 22 hours per day. We've got kinfolk scattered around Fort Worth, we'd go see them once in a while except that Dallas is in the way. If the World ever needs an enema the Lord would stick the hose in Dallas. Anyhow we fought our way through there and, just north of D/FW Airport we stopped in the Bass Pro Shop, another place with some nice shootin' irons, but not what I was looking for. Back on the road. Somehow we got turned 'round and were heading for the wilds of North Central Texas, not exactly where we wanted to be. After a small amount of cussin' and a few comments about my IQ from the passenger seat, we got headed right.

Folks, we've never been to Cabella's, the place in huge. They've an interesting way of selling guns. There's a manager that wanders 'round not helping anyone, a few harried salespeople and a platoon of other employees that do little or less. Once one salesman gets a customer, that's his customer, no one else will do anything. That sounds fine but that one guy wanders off and seems have have five people at once. So we look at the shootin' iron we came to see, we look it over, try the action, everything is fine. Salesman says he'll get us one out of the back, we tell him to get several so we can try the triggers and suchlike. Salesman says we can't do that, he can only bring one. Since an action job is only forty bucks we just bought what he brung.

Then Linda Lou spent more that what I saved not buying another $419.00 Cimarron. Sigh.

Anyhow, I have the last bit of iron for getting into the Cowboy Action shoots, now. This morning I jumped into the car and went to the range with both the revolvers. They both go bang, that's a start. The new one definitely needs an action job, the trigger has some serious hitch in it's getalong. Still, it shoots to more or less where it looks, that's the important thing. Actually, with that trigger, I can't tell how well the sights are regulated. I think it's just a hair low which is alright. It's easy to file down the front sight.

Now, by Saturday I must join the Single Action Shooting Society and the local club so I can hit their last Saturday of the month shoot.

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