Sunday, May 19, 2013

No Royalty

 We found a new home for Cochise' Apache Princess the other day,an older guy with a daughter and grandson living with him on some land not too many miles away. We miss her but she needed a home with a boy to play with. So, no more royalty here, I just wish the Obama regime could figure that out about no royalty.


Anonymous said...

She'll be happy when she gets attached to the boy. Sorry for you, though. Hope you and your wife are getting healthy.

vwbug said...

Sigh. I understand why you did it. Like me finally breaking down to get a dog for our boys. The boys and dog are doing well here, so I have the best of hopes for your dog.

pamibe said...

I know you've been looking for the perfect home for CAP and it sounds like you found it.

You did the right thing for all concerned... but that doesn't make it easy... Hugs to you and Linda Lou.